COVID-19 Help

If you have suffered a loss of income due to Covid-19 we are able to offer reduced payment plans and deferred payments to assist during this period

Please note that interest on your loan will still be charged daily on the account

Loan Eligibility

We want to ensure that we are not putting our customers in a difficult position, so to make sure that a loan from us is right for you, we ask the following:

  • Do you currently have a debt management plan in place?
  • Are you unable to repay your current creditors?

If these do not apply to you, then you can apply for a loan with us.

You must also have a bank card in your own name to make payments from.

Filling out the Application Form

Once you’ve chosen an item you’ll be taken to our loan application page. When you fill out the online form, all you will need to tell us is your:

  • Name, Address and contact details
  • National insurance number
  • Average monthly income
  • Child or monthly benefits income

Once you have submitted the application, we will conduct affordability checks to ensure that the loan you have selected is all right for you.

No paper documents required (you said that was too much hassle, so we won’t ask you for it).

However, if we are unsure whether you can afford the loan, Fair for You will check the information you are providing and may ask you to photograph supporting information and email it to us.

Please note:

We find it easier to agree smaller loans (under £350) where we can see that you can afford repayments.

If your loan is a larger amount, we may conduct further checks to ensure we lend responsibly.

To help you make a decision on what you can afford to pay we have a handy loan calculator (illustrative purposes only).

 Not Eligible?

Fair for You will carry out affordability checks including a credit check. If you are already currently struggling to repay credit, you are unlikely to be able to borrow from Fair for You and should take debt advice.

Any checks we conduct can only assess your current position and do not consider any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Turn2Us offers free search tools to find potential welfare grants and benefits you could be entitled to.

If you are unsure why we are unable to accept your application, or just want to find out a bit more, you can check your credit rating for free at

See our Terms & Conditions and FAQ section for more information.


You might have made a mistake on your application, so check this page to see 5 main reasons why we decline applications and whether any apply to you. See our page Why Was I Declined.

How to Apply for a Fair for You Loanshop kitchen or living button

Step 1. From the Main Page, choose the supplier
(for example “shop living” or “shop kitchen”)

Step 2. Put the item in your basket
you’ll be automatically taken to the loan application page

Step 3. Choose how much you want to pay
You can always adjust this later.

Once submitted you will hear from the Loans team within a day.