Your Whirlpool Order Explained

Congratulations on completing your loan for a Whirlpool appliance! We wanted to provide you with some useful information about your retailer and how to contact them should you need to.

When is my product going to be delivered ?

Whirlpool will receive the order from us within 24 hours. They will contact you directly within 2 working days to arrange delivery.

Can I have my product delivered to another address that is not mine?

For security purposes the suppliers have to deliver the product to the applicant who has taken out the loan with us. We and our retail partners are unable to authorise any addresses other than the one we have on file for you due to security reasons.

I have received my item and have changed my mind and would like to cancel – what do I do?

You can cancel if your item hasn’t been delivered by refusing delivery and then letting us know. If you have received your item, changed your mind and would like to cancel your item you have 14 days to contact Whirlpool directly. Whirlpool will charge you a restocking fee of £50 to collect the item. The item must be in its original packaging and must not have been used. Once the item has been received back by the supplier then we will be able to cancel down your loan and refund any payments made.

My appliance has stopped working – what do I do?

If you are having issues with your product then you will need to contact Whirlpool directly. They can be contacted on 03448 224 224 or you can contact them via their live chat service:

Does my product come with any warranty?

You are covered by a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. You should contact Whirlpool on 03448 224 224 or you can contact them via their live chat service:

Whirlpool are the best people to contact in order to resolve any issues with your appliance.

If you are having trouble with your appliance or loan, the flow chart below may be helpful to point you in the right direction.