Get the most out of Fair for You

Here are 5 ways to make the most out of being a Fair for You customer.

I’m going to talk about competitions, the good payers club & getting another loan from us.

We know we’re different from everything else out there. That’s because we set out to be a new alternative to weekly payment stores.

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First charity-owned national challenge to high-cost credit exceeds all expectations in its first year of trading

Exactly one year ago today (Wednesday 30 November), Fair for You Enterprise CIC was granted its full FCA authorisation which allows it to offer an alternative to high cost lenders and rent-to-own stores. It does this by providing affordable loans for essential items for the home to lower income families. These loans are then repaid in affordable instalments – weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit the customer’s income patterns. Continue reading

Improve your Credit Rating with Fair for You

When you have a bad credit rating it can affect the chances of you getting fairer finance in the future.

But Fair for You is the UK’s No.1 Trusted Flexible Credit Provider, helping our customers to buy now and pay later on finance to suit their budget. That means you only pay what you can afford, when you can afford it.

This is a great opportunity for you to pay your loan on time or even overpay, and watch your credit rating improve!

That means that in the long term, you get better deals on your financial services. Here are 3 more tips on improving your credit rating…

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Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating

We see lots of people who think that they have no other option but high cost credit simply because their credit rating and credit score are low. In many cases, these people have demonstrated that they are capable of paying off debts and are already doing so.

At Fair for You we try to lend where we can see people making payments against their existing debt – even if you’ve had problems in the past, but it’s important that you make steps to improve your credit rating.

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Check your Credit Rating

We check the credit file for every loan application to make sure that the current credit is being managed, and the new loan is affordable.

We have seen a lot of applications lately where we think there may be some errors on the credit report.

If you have used high cost credit or have used rent to own stores, please get a free report from and check that your credit is reported right. Especially if you have been declined by us and you think you can afford your loan and are paying your current credit.

Check out our loan eligibility page.

Check that you can afford the loan using our loan calculator.