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How to save money on food

  Grocery shopping is one of the largest weekly expenses for most households in the UK. With the current economic crisis, food prices are rising at the fastest rate in eight years. In February 2022, food price inflation hit 4.3%, and the price of basic essentials, like toothpaste, increased by 45%.  In today’s blog post, […]

How to save money for a holiday

The weather is heating up, and the holiday season is almost upon us. Everyone needs a holiday from time to time to relax and recharge. But between flights, hotels and travel insurance, the cost of going on holiday can quickly exceed your budget. Start saving money for your dream destination today and put your money […]

Mental Health Awareness Week: Money, People and Financial Wellbeing  

  It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and if there’s one thing that causes stress – it’s money. Over 1.5 million Brits have spiralling debt and mental health problems, according to the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute.  Financial and mental health are inextricably interlinked. You are likely to feel low or anxious when you have […]

Spring Statement: What is it and how does it affect you?

  Sky-rocketing energy and inflation rates have left millions struggling to pay for food, bills and household essentials. Chancellor Rishi Sunak released the Spring Statement 2022 just a few weeks ago – with numerous measures to combat the rising cost of living. Here at Fair for You, we believe in making finance accessible to you. […]

The Rise In Energy Prices

There are rising energy prices in the UK right now, and your bills are about to change. Europe has entered an energy crisis due to China’s demand for natural gas, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the weather conditions of the last year. A record-high increase in natural gas prices has left the UK’s energy suppliers […]

What Is Financial Resilience?

Financial resilience is all about preparing for the worst-case scenario. You never know what’s around the corner – and you need to be financially prepared.  At Fair for You, we understand that sometimes life happens, and things veer off course. Significant life events like a relationship breakdown or an unexpected illness, can have quite an […]

How To Improve Your Financial Wellbeing

Are you struggling to keep track of your finances? Do you find that your money doesn’t stretch far enough to cover the essentials? If any of this sounds familiar, then don’t worry! We’re here to help you understand how to improve things step by step. First things first, the term to get familiar with here […]

What Is Financial Wellbeing?

It’s not always easy to talk about your finances, especially if you’re having difficulty keeping track. But by talking about money and your personal situation, you can learn to manage it better and hopefully become less worried and stressed.  Here at Fair for You, we want to empower our customers to better understand their finances […]

Staying safe online

Technology is moving at a breakneck pace and has changed the way many of us use the internet. Things like online banking and shopping have made financial transactions even easier to manage, but in turn, has created more opportunities for cybercriminals to steal valuable information from us. At Fair For You, we care about our […]

Home Storage Tips For Renters

Making the most out of your space can be tricky – especially if you’ve got a lot of things! To add to this, renting a property often means no hammering or drilling into walls, so creating extra storage systems for your clothes, knick-knacks and the little ones’ toys can be awkward. If you’re running out […]

5 family resolutions for 2022

For many, the arrival of the New Year means turning over a new leaf – saying goodbye to old habits and hello to new potential opportunities. Resolutions are often used as personal benchmarks for success, although staying on track can be tricky. So why not set family resolutions for 2022? It’s a great way to […]

How to seize the New Year and start afresh

With every new year comes an opportunity for change and a chance for a fresh start. Be it a year of victory, redemption or growth, 2022 can be anything you want it to be. It’s up to you! But, getting the year off to a flying start is often easier said than done. That’s why […]

How to entertain the kids between Christmas and New Year

Picture this… You’ve made it through Christmas Day. The leftovers have all been polished off. You’ve said goodbye to your extended family and friends. And you’re ready to ring in the New Year… But what should you do in that awkward period where you’re not quite sure what day of the week it is? The […]

How to look after your mental health at Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year right? Unfortunately, not for everyone. In fact, for many, Christmas can strike up the most negative of emotions. Whether it’s worrying about finances or dealing with anxiety around family rifts. The festive season can take a toll on a person’s mental wellbeing. That’s why we’ve put […]

Hosting Christmas dinner on a budget

Bringing all your loved ones together this Christmas? Whilst no one said you had to break the bank to make hosting Christmas dinner a success, doing it on a budget can feel like an impossible feat. Especially once you start writing that shopping list! To throw a fabulous Christmas dinner on a budget, give these […]

5 Homemade Christmas gift ideas

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year. There’s nothing better than seeing our children’s faces when the countdown begins. Full of anticipation for the BIG day and what Santa might bring. Yet for parents, the pressure can sometimes be too much to handle. You want to give your children the best Christmas […]

How to teach your children about money management

What did home-schooling over the pandemic teach us? That some things are better left to actual teachers! But, as many of us know from our own school days, we’re actually taught very little about money and 86% of employers believe that school doesn’t prepare young people for the real world. Intentional or not, learning starts […]

3 budgeting apps to keep you in the green

Saving money is one of the most popular new year’s resolutions. Right up there with losing weight and taking up a new hobby. Ironically, it’s also one of the most broken resolutions! Let’s face it – budgeting is not always easy. Life can get in the way and managing money can feel quite stressful. Sometimes […]

Managing stress as a busy parent

Raising children can be one of the greatest jobs on earth but no one said it was easy. For many, life as a parent is stressful. There’s no handbook to read or course to pass. It’s working out how to look after your children whilst juggling many other aspects of life at the same time. […]

Contactless card payments increase: how to stay safe & manage your money

Thanks to contactless cards, making payments has never been easier – or faster, for that matter. We live in a paperless world whereby the tap of a card, we can quickly pay for our weekly food shop, a coffee or an impulse buy. And with the contactless card limit increasing to £100 on the 15th […]

DIY Halloween children’s party games

If your kids are avid Halloween fans, the traditional apple bobbing and pumpkin carving have probably lost their spook-tacular edge. Looking for creative ways to transform your Halloween festivities without giving your bank balance a fright? We’ve got you covered. Here are our five DIY Halloween games that will give your kids pumpkin’ to talk […]

Energy-saving tips to reduce your utility bills

Christmas isn’t the only reason that winter is one of the most expensive seasons for households across the country. As it gets colder and darker outside, the heating and lights are on for longer, and we spend more and more time in front of the TV. Inevitably, energy bills go up and it becomes harder […]

5 ways you can introduce mindfulness to your family’s life

A number of years ago, you may not have even heard of the term ‘mindfulness’. Today, it’s a popular phenomenon and an encouraged way of managing our mental health. What you may not realise too, is that practicing mindfulness can also be incredibly beneficial to your children. While your children’s problems may feel elf-sized to […]

Tips for creating a cosy children’s bedroom

With autumn fast approaching, your kids will be spending more and more time indoors. Transitioning to indoor life isn’t always easy for children, especially after finally breaking out of pandemic bubbles. That’s why now is a great time to make your child’s bedroom as inviting and cosy as possible. Turn their bedroom into somewhere they […]

Can being in debt impact your health?

However big or small, being in debt isn’t a nice feeling for anyone. The worries around being in debt can consume our thoughts 24/7, taking a toll on both our physical and mental health. You may be surprised by the scale of the impact that debt can have on your health. We’ll explain how and […]

Managing your child’s homework schedule

Whether your child needs to practice their weekly spellings or start a bigger project, finding the time to sit down and help them with their homework in the evenings can be tough. After a busy day, the last thing you want is to deal with tantrums over maths equations – we’ve all been there. As […]

Finance tips for new parents

Becoming a parent really is life-changing. Whether you are in the exciting stages of preparing for your baby to arrive, or whether you are finding your feet and settling into parenthood, the family finances may well be on your mind. With all this added responsibility comes a fair few added costs. It’s important to prepare […]

Helping your child through back-to-school nerves

After a jam-packed summer of activities, the return to school may have crept up in your calendar. The beginning of September brings the first-day-of-school-nerves to some children. In the weeks building up to the big day, your child’s back-to-school anxiety may have been brewing. Whether your child is worried about meeting their new teacher or […]

Can having bad credit affect a job offer?

For better or worse, your credit score paints a picture of who you are as a consumer. It proves you are who you say you are – and that you can be trusted to act in a company’s best interests. It’s true that having a low credit score can present plenty of extra barriers or […]

Easy school lunch box hacks

With the new school year approaching, the buzz around ‘back to school’ is ramping up. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the checklist of things to do before the start of September – from buying new school shoes to making sure they’ve got the right stationery sets. Don’t stress, we’re here to help tick lunch […]

Budgeting tips for single parents

Being a single parent family is a unique experience that can be challenging in all sorts of ways. Add financial worries into the mix and it can be a recipe for anxiety, as even the most reasonable of us tend to focus on the necessities, treats and experiences we feel unable to give our children. […]

How to create an at-home allotment

Next week marks National Allotments Week. Whilst tending to and nurturing an allotment holds countless benefits, not everyone can afford the price tag that comes along with one. But fear not – if you are lucky enough to have some outdoor space, or even just a window sill, there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing the […]

What information goes into calculating a credit score?

Credit scores are one small part of life, but they don’t always feel that way. When you have a low score, it can feel like there are big barriers all around, holding you back and stopping you from accessing the things you want or need. This can be frustrating – particularly when you are confident […]

Best cheap and free things to do with the whole family this summer

The summer holidays are officially upon us. Whilst the kids will be eagerly looking forward to six weeks of freedom, parents everywhere may be inwardly panicking about how on earth to keep the boredom at bay. Another worry during the school holidays is how to keep on top of spending. Getting the family out of […]

6 thrifty children’s art ideas

With so much of our entertainment accessible on screens these days, it can often be a struggle to encourage our children away from the television to get crafty and creative. However, the benefits of exercising our children’s creative muscles are endless; it fires up their imaginations, improves their logic skills and gives them the opportunity […]

Open Banking – your questions answered

  Here at Fair for You, we want to help you access affordable and flexible credit that is right for you and your circumstances. That’s why we carry out affordability checks as part of our loan application process. One way of carrying out these affordability checks is by asking to see copies of your bank […]

The application process demystified

  The thought of filling out a loan application can feel a bit like a puzzle sometimes. You may be unsure what questions you’ll have to answer or how the process works. To help take the mystery out of applying for a loan with us, we’ve put together some handy info answering a few of […]

What is a soft credit search?

  Applying for a loan or credit can feel like a daunting task. You may not be sure how the process works, whether you’ll be accepted, or the potential impact it could have on your credit score. That’s where a soft credit search can help you make a more informed decision without the added worry. […]

Get creative for International Chocolate Cake Day!

  It’s International Chocolate Cake Day. Yes, an entire day celebrating the glorious creation that is: chocolate cake. After hours of home schooling, locked up in the house together, what better time to give the kids (and most importantly yourself) a well-deserved treat? Whether you’re short on time or you need some free-from alternatives, we’ve […]

‘Shake up your wake up’ with Farmhouse Breakfast Week!

  Finding yourself juggling your new role as the unplanned teacher and still trying to keep the house in order? With home schooling now in full swing, getting the kids fuelled and focused for the day ahead has become the new challenge. Mix it up this Farmhouse Breakfast Week with some new breakfast treats to […]

5 simple hacks to get your house spick and span in no time

  Space at a premium post-Christmas? Whether it’s toys stuffed in every corner (with none of the old ones allowed to be donated of course), new kitchen gadgets or clothes busting out of the wardrobe – clutter can add extra stress after a long day spent home-schooling, working, cooking and cleaning. If you’re similar to […]

5 achievable activities to help you kick off 2021 well

  2020 was incredibly difficult, there’s no getting around that one. Although 2021 has not started on the most positive foot, there’s still that bit of renewed hope in our minds that a new year will mean a fresh start. This little spark of hope is what drives most of us to write that list […]

Christmas has never tasted so good with 5 fun recipes to bake with the kids

  Finding fun activities to keep the kids entertained can be a challenging task at times. We can all relate to the days when being kept inside from the frosty weather meant the beginning of world war 3 for the TV remote, or whose turn it was to play the next game. When it’s chilly […]

Craft your own spa inspired Christmas gifts

  Whether it’s finding the time while the kids are huddled under blankets watching their favourite Christmas films or tucked up in bed worn out from the days’ activities, we all need our downtime. That good old saying of needing to put your feet up springs to mind, and we all need that occasionally, right? […]

Fun activities for the kids this Christmas 🎄

  Being able to spend valuable time with the kids is one commodity we all wish we had more of, especially around Christmas. Sadly, sometimes finding fun, affordable and easy activities can be a challenge! So we’ve taken the hard work out by putting together a list of projects you can work on with the […]

✂️ Quick and easy Halloween crafts for autumn half term

  Half term and Halloween will certainly be different this October but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun and exciting for the little ones. To help make this autumn half term spooktacular we’ve put together 5 simple and inexpensive craft ideas that you can do with your little ones to keep them entertained. […]

🎃 Prepare for a new kind of Halloween

Ready for autumn half term fun? 👧👦 This year has not been the most fun but it has pushed us to be creative and come up with new ways of doing things. So let’s gear up for virtual Halloween parties and socially distanced neighbourhood visits! Get the little ones involved and put your creativity to work, while our appliances handle the chores. Whip […]

Fair for You – October Update

Autumn has arrived and winter is well and truly on its way! Make sure you’re ready for the drop in temperature with a snuggly warm bed, toasty electric fire, speedy combi or grill microwave, energy efficient cooker and time-saving tumble dryer. Get ready for cooler days with Fair for You Shop in-store & online with Argos, Dunelm & Iceland Don’t forget […]

Fair for You – September Update

It’s the month of restful sleep. September has been deemed the month of giving your sleep the attention it deserves. To help you learn more about the importance of sleep we’ve put together a helpful blog post. And to help you and your family get the best rest you can, we have identified some top […]

FfY voted Firm of the Year and Best Loan Provider (Lending <£2.5K)

We are so thrilled about a double win with ‘Firm of the Year’ and ‘Best Loan Provider (lending <£2.5k)’ Consumer Credit Awards. The winner selection was based on detailed reviews left by over 19,000 reviewers. A big thank you to everyone who voted for us.  We could not have achieved this without the support of […]

Hello Sleep-tember! 😴

  Sleep is an essential part of our daily routine. In our state of sleep, our body recovers from the day’s physical and mental activity. Experts agree that most kids between 5 and 12 years of age need 10-11 hours of sleep each night. Kids who get that amount of sleep daily have been proven […]

🏆 Fair for You Autumn 2020 Competition

Win a MyBabiie MB300 + Grey Stars Full Travel System worth £450. Nominate a deserving mum-to-be (self-nominations are ok) to win! To enter simply share our Facebook post and add a comment tagging in your nominated expecting mum along with your favourite baby photo. You can read the full Terms & Conditions here:   […]

🏆 Fair for You Facebook Weekly Competition 25/8/2020

Share a photo and tell us about your lockdown baking success stories for a chance to win a £25 Love2Shop Gift Voucher. To enter the competition, click here to go to our Facebook post. 🟣 Competition closing date: 1st September 2020 🟢 Full Terms and Conditions here.   Don’t miss Fair for You Weekly Competitions! […]

Fair for You – August Update

Summer has arrived! Time to upgrade that bed and get a good night’s sleep, mow the lawn ready for garden parties and stock up the fridge with cool snacks and BBQ essentials. We’ve got you covered with our top product picks for August, and as always, when you purchase from us you can spread the […]

🏆 Fair for You Facebook Weekly Competition 6/8/2020

  6th August 2020: Whether you’ve been out planting herbs and veggies with the kids, or lovingly nurtured a seed into a beautiful potted flower, we want to see your amazing achievements! Fair for You Weekly Competition Topic: To enter the competition, click here to go to our Facebook post. Upload a photo of or a selfie […]

Garden your way to a happier life 🌱

To combat lockdown induced anxiety and depression, more and more people are trying their hands at gardening. Gardening and caring for plants has been proven to be incredibly beneficial for both our mental as well as physical health. Gardening reconnects us with nature and makes us think of the bigger picture which can be very […]

🏆 Fair for You Facebook Weekly Competition 22/7/2020

22nd June 2020: After talking about our lockdown heroes last month, this time let us talk about our lockdown hero-products. Fair for You Weekly Competition Topic: For a chance to win a £25 Gift Voucher, share a photo and tell us about the one product that has helped you survive the lockdown! 5 Love2Shop Gift […]

🏆 Fair for You Facebook Weekly Competition 8/7/2020

This year we may not get the holiday we might have wanted so let us reminisce about our favourite childhood holiday memory. 8th July 2020: Fair for You Weekly Competition Topic In a comment below, tell us your best holiday memories from when you were a child – photos welcome! Top 5 comments will win […]

Congratulations to the winner!

Fair for You Easter 2020 Competition Winner For Fair for You Easter 2020 Competition, we had asked our Facebook community to show us drawings by their kids thanking NHS Heroes. Heather Playdon’s entry, a lovely drawing by her daughter, won her a Hotpoint fridge freezer full of food! We wish our winner all the very […]

🏆 Fair for You Facebook Weekly Competition 22/6/2020

  We are all dreaming of the day it will be safe again for us to venture out of our homes and do the things we have been dying to do. The lockdown has made us realise that not just our usual fun activities, we also miss the small (even mundane) things that we might […]

🏆 Fair for You Facebook Weekly Competition – 9/6/2020

9th June 2020: Fair for You Weekly Competition Topic In a comment tell us about your lockdown hero for a chance to win a £10 Gift Voucher for yourself and a £10 Gift Voucher for them! To enter, click here.   Update 24th June 2020: Winner Announcement Winning Entries Want to take part in Fair […]

🏆 “Thank you NHS Heroes” – FFY Easter Competition in partnership with Hotpoint

6th April 2020: Fair for You Competition Topic In these scary and unprecedented times, our NHS heroes are standing at the frontline and fighting day and night to keep us safe, while putting their own lives at risk and bearing separation from their loved ones. We would like to urge our FfY Facebook Community to […]

🏆 Win a sofa set! Suggest a name our new sofa for a chance to win one.

21st March 2020: Fair for You Competition Topic Fair for You is happy to announce that we have added a brand new sofa to our collection. Our aim has always been to bring to you beautiful and functional products on finance and we are very proud of our newest addition! These gorgeous sofas are made […]

🏆 Fair for You Facebook Weekly Competition – 4/3/2020

4th March 2020: This week’s competition is about parenting hacks to keep kids busy when it’s raining outside. Fair for You Weekly Competition Topic Tell us how have you been keeping your kids entertained indoors during the rainy days. The best comment chosen by Fair for You will win a £25 Love2Shop Gift Voucher. To […]

What is Hotpoint ActiveCare technology?

Hotpoint ActiveCare is the best washing machine technology on the market for stain removal. If your little ones are constantly getting their clothes stained – and whose aren’t? – then an ActiveCare machine will be ideal for you. We’re taking a look at the benefits of ActiveCare technology and showing how you can use our […]

May Update

Shop for Pay Weekly Appliances Don’t miss out on pay weekly appliances from our supplier Whirlpool. Shop Quality Appliances Now While Stocks Last and pay as little as £6.15 per week over 52 weeks! Shop More Pay Weekly Appliances by Clicking Here     Shop for Pay Weekly Sofas Shop a Wide Range of Pay Weekly […]

What can you do if you need to get furniture for your living room and you have poor store credit?

When you have poor store credit, buying the things you need on finance can be a nightmare. Whilst you know that you can afford to pay the amounts back in monthly or weekly installments, often the banks or lenders don’t trust you because of your credit rating. This can be a real issue when you […]

The 7 Essential Baby Products You Can Buy On Finance

  Having a baby is an amazing occasion and is often the best day of a parent’s life. However, there’s no denying that bringing a new life into the world can be expensive, and even essential baby items can become too much when you have to buy them all in one go. Luckily, you can […]

6 Garden Furniture Ideas For Summer 2019

Summer is one of the most exciting times of year to entertain people in the garden. Whether that’s your immediate family, your circle of friends or your local book club – the garden can be a beautiful space to relax and enjoy a summer evening. And when it comes to garden furniture, no garden would […]

5 Easter Decoration Ideas 2019

Easter is a wonderful time to get the family round for a roast and decorate the house to celebrate. Whether Easter means something religious to you, or whether you’re just in it for the chocolate, it’s a great time of year for fresh starts and new beginnings. If you’re stuck for Easter decoration ideas, but […]

6 Steps To Achieving The Perfect Spring Clean

Spring cleaning is the perfect way to feel great without spending a penny. Nothing is as satisfying as taking your living space from dusty and dirty to sparkling clean, and it needn’t be as difficult as you think. Often making a start is the hardest bit, so having some steps in place to achieve the […]

5 Best Children’s Beds With Storage

  Walking into a kid’s bedroom can leave you a little shell-shocked. Toys everywhere, clothes strewn across the floor…you can picture the scene. No matter how often you tell them, they’ll never really put their clothes away in the wardrobe, or stack the toys back in the cupboard. It’s just not fun, is it? But […]

6 Low Cost Living Room Design Ideas

  Designing a living room is exciting – but also a little daunting. Where to start? What to include? Here’s 6 design ideas to get the creative juices flowing… An Electric Fire Ever fancied huddling around the fireplace, but couldn’t face all the hassle that comes with an open fire? The smoke in your hair, […]

Best Home Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

  It’s monday morning and you arrive into the office. Your colleague who sits next to you turns around and says “are you all sorted for Mother’s Day?” It’s only 7 words but they’re enough to turn your stomach upside down. You’ve forgotten all about Mother’s Day. But now the invitation for sunday lunch is […]

6 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Washing Machine

A washing machine is a household essential, and when it comes to buying a new washing machine it can be a tricky decision. Often when you’re looking for a washing machine it’s because the old one has broken down, which can leave you in a soapy mess as well as a financial one.   That’s […]

Energy Costs For Dryers: Our Top 3 Tips

  Having a dryer to keep everything dry can be really important to those supporting a family. With the weather in the UK being so bleak during the winter, it’s a good idea to look to buy now and pay weekly or monthly for your dryer. However, when you want to buy now and pay […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating

  Having a good credit score can be really important in adult life as they assist you in getting loans. Loans are really important to most big purchases in life – be it a house, a car or a mobile phone, so it’s crucial that you understand your credit rating. But what can you do […]

February Update

Thank you for telling us what you want to see available at Fair for You, here are the latest additions, announcements & special offers! Shop for Technology Items TVs, Tablets, Phones & Gaming Consoles are now available on the main high street Remember: Usual rules apply – If you have an existing loan with us it must be […]

Vented vs Condenser Pay Weekly Dryers

  Do you know the difference between a vented and a condenser dryer?   Dryers are a household essential, especially in the UK when the weather is dreary and drying clothes can be a real nightmare. Sadly, the cost of a new dryer can be pricey for families, which is why Fair for You offers […]

January Newsletter Update

Now is the BEST TIME to recommend a friend to Fair for You –  You get £20 OFF your loan if they become a customer & they get GREAT VALUE – 10% off selected furniture items, access to technology items & great value appliances. Thank you for telling us what you want to see available at Fair for You, here are the latest additions, […]

Get £££ OFF your Fair for You Loan this January!

  EVERY TIME you refer a friend (they must become a customer of Fair for You) you get £20 OFF your loan! So that’s £40 for 2 people… £100 for 5 people… you get the idea! Simply log into your dashboard and copy and paste your personal link to all your friends: OR Just […]

Dunelm Added As Retailer! – November 2018 Update

Welcome to your November Update Welcome to the November update, its our busiest time of year and a time when we get lots of people asking for a further loan with Christmas in mind. This year we have a wider selection of kitchen appliances, and technology items in the Good Payers Club and we are […]

Get £50 OFF Your Loan this Week!

You get £5 off your loan for every recommended person who becomes a Fair for You customer. So if you get 10 people to sign up that’s 50 QUID off your loan (and £5 off theirs)! And the sooner it’s paid off, – the less interest you pay over all – the sooner you can get another item! And if you’re in […]

Win a Fridge Full of Food & £25 off your loan!! 

The Prize: Get £25 off your Fair for You loan AND Be in for a chance to win a brand new Fridge Freezer filled with food ready for Christmas!   How to Enter: Simply send us a video selfie explaining why you would shop with Fair for You this Christmas. All entrants that send in […]

October 2018 Update

Thank you so much to everyone who has filled in the survey regarding credit ratings, I shall be making sure all of that information from your experience is understood by our regulators. Lets push for some change! We are working hard to widen the range of item we have in the shops available, with new […]

Preparing for Christmas with Fair for You

Christmas is a huge expense for anyone, from the ongoing household bills in the midst of colder weather, to the family dinner and presents on Christmas Day. The holidays are just a few months away, so if you’ll be needing something for the house by Christmas, you’ll need to be eligible for another Fair for […]

Credit for Modern Britain

Written by CEO & Founder Angela Clements Like so many, I won’t be weeping for Wonga or any of the other brands that will struggle to convince good customers to return to them next time they need credit. You can fool some of the people some of the time …. but in the end if […]

Energy Saving Washing Machines

Save Money When You Save Energy Washing machines and dishwashers use large amounts of water and energy, and fridge freezers run 24 hours a day. Needless to say, buying an item with better energy ratings can save you money on utility bills. But when you buy an energy efficient model, you could be saving money […]

Why Was I Declined for a Loan?

We get a lot of questions about eligibility, and why we accept some loan applications but can’t accept others. Here is some information we think might be useful. What you need to know before you apply for another item with Fair for You: You need to have paid 1/3 of all active loans before you’re […]

Gas or Electric Cooker on Finance?

Our suppliers at Whirlpool have a range of Gas or Electric Hotpoint and Indesit Cookers for you to choose from, which you can get on finance with Fair for You. To help you decide which cooker features are essential to you, and which you can live without, we’ve created this handy guide around cookers. Most […]

August Update

Welcome to your August update. Hi all, we thought we were in for a quieter summer but its been busier than ever. Some fabulous ideas on products and retailers we should be working with, and we are absolutely determined to be adding much more across Northern Ireland and Scotland !! Thank you so much to […]

Hotpoint Fridge Freezers on Finance

Fair for You’s suppliers at Whirlpool offer Hotpoint & Indesit kitchen appliances, including Hotpoint Fridge Freezers on finance that keep food fresher for longer. Day 1 Technology Hotpoint Fridge Freezers have Day 1 Technology that mimics the way nature produces fresh air, deterring bacteria and keeping the internal temperature cool even after the door’s been opened, […]

Ways to Win: Prize Draws with Fair for You

We are so grateful for everyone who is recommending us to their friends, and we love that you are pleased with our service and are spreading the word about our alternative to high cost credit. We don’t have a huge marketing budget like some other companies so we rely on news of the brilliant service […]

Pay Weekly Holidays on Finance Now Available

Pay Weekly for a Holiday on finance of your choice from  Hoseasons, Haven and Butlins through provider Inspire Travel. Only available to members of our Good Payers Club, which customers are invited into after 6 months of good payments. If approved for a loan you can use the funds to book a holiday now and arrange to pay […]

Fair for You are Double Award Winners at Consumer Credit Awards 2018 (again!)

Once again we’ve brought home not just one, but TWO awards at the Consumer Credit Awards last night, and it’s all thanks to our customers! A huge thank you to everyone who voted! Thanks to you, we’ve picked up the “Best Alternative Finance Provider” and “Firm of the Year” awards. They are now sitting in place of […]

Fair for You Video Ad

Have you seen our recent advert on Facebook (and elsewhere)? If you haven’t, you can watch it by clicking below – we would love to hear what you think! You always tell us we should be on TV to spread the words, what channels would you recommend? If you have any feedback please email us at

Quick & Easy Loans with Pre-Filled Forms

It’s always been quick & easy to get a loan for a household item, but not it’s quicker & easier! Existing customers can now Log In to apply for their 2nd loan and will have the fields pre-filled! No need to keep inputting the same information. Thank you for all the feedback from customers who […]

Michael Sheen meets Fair for You Customers to Discuss High Cost Credit

  Yesterday around midday, as the team were working away at our small Birmingham offices, Hollywood Actor Michael Sheen stepped in with cameras and reporters to find out more about our alternative to high cost credit. As you may have heard, Sheen has recently launched the ‘End High Cost Credit Alliance’ in order to challenge […]

New Garden Furniture added for Summer (& Beds)

Even more Garden Furniture on finance available at Fair for You! Including the 3 Seater Hammock Swing for relaxing times enjoying the garden rocking in the shade,                 Or the Hannah Wooden Bench Dining Set that seats 6 for larger families and get togethers with friends,       […]

Save £124 on a 10kg A+++ Ultima S-Line Washing Machine

Pay weekly for this 10kg A+++ Ultima S-Line Washing Machine on finance and save £125 through Fair for You: Perfect for large families! – A+++ energy rating, saving money over time – 60% Higher Cleaning Power – Anti Allergy – Super Silent Motor – Delay Timer – Duvet Cycle – 20 minute Steam Fresh cycle – Anti-stain […]

£5 OFF All Microwaves before 1st July 2018

Looking to pay weekly for a Microwave on finance? Whirlpool are offering £5 off any Hotpoint Microwave purchased before 1st July 2018! The £5 will be taken from the total Loan Amount as a payment on the day the loan is completed. Their range of  freestanding microwaves have cooking functions that can be arranged in a sequence […]

Fair for You are Finalists in the Consumer Credit Awards 2018

Thank you to everyone who has voted so far – out of 120 companies we have been named a finalist in the ‘Best Alternative Finance Provider 2018’ for the second year in a row This is a significant achievement – the Consumer Credit Awards are the largest consumer-voted awards programme within the consumer credit industry. […]

Energy Savings with Whirlpool

The Whirlpool Group (including Hotpoint and Indesit) were the first retailers to work with Fair for You. Since then, they have regularly improved their website to contribute to your shopping experience. The most recent addition provides easy to understand information, advising what kind of savings can be made when purchasing a new appliance, by checking the energy efficiency when […]

June Newsletter Update

Read the June Newsletter Update here   What an exciting few weeks – we seem to be on the TV regularly as the FCA say they are going to tackle high cost credit, and Financial Ombudsman says complaints about high cost credit providers is going up. We are enjoying Michael Sheen talking about us and being […]

BBC Breakfast Interviews Michael Sheen on High Cost Credit Alternatives

3 minutes in to this interview with Michael Sheen on BBC Breakfast 31 May 2018, he expresses his support for alternatives to high cost credit: “The problem with these companies is they are very small and people don’t know about them…they don’t have the marketing budget of big companies that people do hear about. We’ve […]

Feel Trapped with your Credit File?

At Fair for You, we think being a personal lender is important  – we need to treat customers fairly, we need to understand and respect how our customer need to borrow, and how income can fluctuate and so customers need flexibility and tolerance with their repayments, not added fees or turning up at your door. […]

In the War with High Cost Credit, Finally We May Have a Shift in the Playing Field

Don’t be mistaken, this is probably the largest move towards the affordable credit sector brought in by the FCA so far. I know a little about how bonus structures incentivising staff behaviour that is not in the long term benefit of business or customer. As a former banker, I doubt there is much I need […]

Pay Weekly Bunkbeds with Mattresses included

*New* Our suppliers at Dorset Homes have added a range of new products for Mums on a budget at For example, pay weekly, monthly or fortnightly for this bunk bed recently added by our suppliers, which includes 2 mattresses as well as free delivery all for £399.99! It has a solid metal construction and […]

Vote & Enter Prize Draw to Win £1000

Win £1000 in a Prize Draw! Simply take 2 minutes to vote for Fair for You in the upcoming Consumer Credit Awards now: Last year we brought home two awards including Consumer Credit Champions thanks to the 200+ customers that left us such amazing reviews. Thank you everyone for your support! It means a lot […]

Fair for You Has Been Leading the Fight for Better Credit Reporting for the Past 2 Years

‘Millions could face financial disaster due to hidden credit files errors‘ says The Independent. As responsible lenders are not allowed to tell anyone if we see defaults or where we see that there is misreported credit. Even though it influences whether we agree the loan or decline it. We believe that every time you apply […]

A Bed for Every Child with Fair for You

Some of the best feedback we get is from mums who have bought their child a bed using an affordable loan from Fair for You. It’s lovely to hear some of the benefits from our customers: That their little boy or girl feels all grown up, and proud of their room and bed, so it’s […]

Fair for You March 2018 Update

Happy Easter! Save £25 on Sofas throughout April Dorset Home Stores are taking £25 off selected sofas for April Only. Go shopping for £25 Off Sofas by clicking here Or log into the Good Payers Club to view the extended range     Whirlpool products price rise Whirlpool have advised that they are increasing their prices on prices in […]

Fighting for Fairness in Credit

Gender equality seems as far away in 2018 as it felt to the chain makers and suffragettes who fought for rights for women over 100 years ago, stuck in low pay that impacted the welbeing of their whole household. In modern Britain, just as then, we largely entrust the care of our children, our weak, […]

FCA Review of High Cost Credit & Rent to Own Sector

The FCA have just published an update on progress in their review of high-cost credit, indicating the further work they are doing and the timelines for this, as well as a separate update on their work on the rent-to-own sector. Angela Clements, CEO of Fair for You, says in response: “We welcome this report and the […]

January Update with Fair for You

 New Year, and lots of new arrivals for Fair for You customers. We are building the online high street with more of the brands and products you have been asking for in the Good Payers Club: Carpetright added later this month and in February we have a travel agent arriving. There is more to come, […]

November Update with Fair for You

We’ve Reached 2000+ Trust Pilot Reviews! A huge thankyou to everyone for their feedback and advice over the past couple of months We are the most trusted UK personal credit provider – based on Trustpilot ratings, and one of the fastest growing lenders in the UK today. All thanks to our amazing customers telling everyone […]

October Update with Fair for You

  Welcome to your October Update. It is nearly Halloween, and Fair for You are providing all the treats! We have extremely limited stock of the Nintendo Switch available so keep an eye out for our Halloween special very shortly. We have also added a new Customer Dashboard filled with useful links to make being a […]

Real vs Faux Leather Sofas

Deciding which fabric to use for your sofa?  Fair for You now has a range of sofas in the Good Payers Club, which customers are invited into after 6 months of good payments. There are great benefits to Faux & Real Leather sofas, so we’ve created this list to help you understand the pros and […]

Which Tumble Dryer Should I Get? Vented VS Condenser Tumble Dryers On Finance

  Our suppliers do a range of tumble dryers that you can get on finance, but which tumble dryer is right for you? With such a range to choose from it can be pretty daunting trying to find the right one for your home, so here’s a quick, handy guide on which tumble dryer to […]

5 Extra Benefits When You Pay A Little Extra on Your Loan

Pay a little extra and get a little extra on your Fair for You loan: Get Another Item from Fair for You in Time for Christmas Once a third of the current loan has been repaid you are eligible for another one in time for Christmas!! If you can get your application submitted the week […]

Updates Oct 2017

Mobile Updates on Your Loan Balance Once a month Fair for You customers will receive an update on their loan balance by text, starting tomorrow! 

Credit Catalogue from Fair for You

Check out our product range in our credit catalogue by clicking on the link: *New* Product Catalogue (Summer 2017) We have had a lot of requests for Credit Catalogues from our customers so we have put together this online version! Simply click through to the item of your choice and you’ll be taken to the product […]

We’re a Consumer Credit Awards 2017 Winner!

We’ve done it! We’re delighted to have been the only firm to pick-up two awards at the Consumer Credit Awards 2017, and it’s all down to our customers. We picked up the “Consumer Credit Champion” and “Best Newcomer” awards. The awards are run by Smart Money People, and decided by customer voting, so we’re particularly […]

Get the most out of Fair for You

Here are 5 ways to make the most out of being a Fair for You customer. I’m going to talk about competitions, the good payers club & getting another loan from us. We know we’re different from everything else out there. That’s because we set out to be a new alternative to weekly payment stores. So I’m just going […]

Why Do You Need A New Washing Machine? Customer Entries!

  We ran a competition to win a Hotpoint energy efficient washing machine, here are some of our favourate reasons as to why you need a new washing machine. 

First charity-owned national challenge to high-cost credit exceeds all expectations in its first year of trading

Exactly one year ago today (Wednesday 30 November), Fair for You Enterprise CIC was granted its full FCA authorisation which allows it to offer an alternative to high cost lenders and rent-to-own stores. It does this by providing affordable loans for essential items for the home to lower income families. These loans are then repaid […]

Improve your Credit Rating with Fair for You

When you have a bad credit rating it can affect the chances of you getting fairer finance in the future. But Fair for You is the UK’s No.1 Trusted Flexible Credit Provider, helping our customers to buy now and pay later on finance to suit their budget. That means you only pay what you can […]

5 Top Baking Recipes for Kids in 3 Easy Steps

Most of our customers have children that need something to do on an evening, and what with the Great British Bake Off still on TV, we thought we’d share some of our favourate things to bake with our kids.

Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating

We see lots of people who think that they have no other option but high cost credit simply because their credit rating and credit score are low. In many cases, these people have demonstrated that they are capable of paying off debts and are already doing so. At Fair for You we try to lend […]

Top Tips for Repaying Your Loan

Repaying your loan can become stressful. That’s why we have Martyn, our Payments Manager, around to help and support you to stay on your payment plan and get back on track with no penalty, so that you can borrow from us again when you need us.

What Affects Your Credit Rating?

Knowing what affects your credit score can help you decide how you can improve it, so here we’ve listed 4 things that can make an impact on your credit score.

Save Energy & Money with Fridge Freezers

Fridge Freezers, packed with lunchboxes and last night’s dinner, are switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s a lot of energy being used up on one essential kitchen item, so it’s well worth looking into how to save money on it by finding the models that are most energy efficient.

Check your Credit Rating

We check the credit file for every loan application to make sure that the current credit is being managed, and the new loan is affordable. We have seen a lot of applications lately where we think there may be some errors on the credit report. If you have used high cost credit or have used […]

Managing Mums

Who would you say are the best with money in the country? Bankers? Accountants? No! In fact, it’s all you working mums who are the most effective money managers in the country…

Microwave Mug Cake Recipe – Chocolate

Looking for something to keep the kids busy this summer holiday?   Using a microwave is quick, cheap and fun! Here is our tried and tested Mug Cake recipe. Enjoy!

Brexit – The Real Story

Adam French, of the Which? Consumer Rights team, says: ‘There will be a negotiation period required for the UK to leave the EU. It hasn’t started yet and could take up to two years. During this time, all of your consumer rights will remain the same. Even then, although many of our consumer rights are […]

Sleep Boosts Mental Wellbeing

We’ve all done it, had just one sleepless night that has left us feeling irritable and moody all day the next day. So it’s not surprising that chronic sleep deprivation may lead to long-term mood disorders like depression and anxiety. When this group of people were surveyed to see their sleeping habits, it wasn’t surprising to find that most of […]

Fair for You Autumn/Winter Newsletter

  What you’ll find in Fair for You’s first Autumn/Winter Newsletter: Top Tips on Getting A Loan Information on Credit Ratings Savvy Consumers – Your Pictures Why Are We So Much Cheaper? Money Matters Advice Page… Plus your chance to WIN an A+++ Energy Efficient Hotpoint Washing Machine Plus much more!! Click here if you want to download […]

Cookers – Save Money & Energy

  Cookers with better energy ratings save you money on utility bills, and a new A+ rated electric cooker will consume 40% LESS energy than a B rated oven, says The Energy Saving Trust. In fact, as of 2014, energy efficiency ratings have been from A+++ (the best) to a minimum of A. By 2020, the […]

How to Work Out the True Cost of Your Loan

When looking for the best loan, choosing the one with the lowest weekly payment isn’t the best way to find good value. Before you apply for a loan you need to know the total cost of repaying the debt.

Health Benefits to a Good Bed

Getting beds on finance when you don’t have the cash to buy one outright could mean having a better bed for a better night’s sleep, with plenty of health benefits.

Plymouth Posters

Have you spotted our posters around Plymouth? Send us a pic if you have, we’d love to see them!

Unwanted Credit Card Limit Increase Makes Debt Problems Worse

  According to debt charity StepChange the issue of credit card companies increasing customer’s credit card limit makes debt problems worse for thousands of people and must be stopped. The charity surveyed its clients, and 54% of those with credit cards had seen their limit increased without them asking for it. Of those, 49% said […]

Demands for Repayments Leads to Vicious Cycle of Debt

Aggressive demands for unaffordable repayments for loans leads to vicious cycle of debt. …does this sound familiar? StepChange Debt Charity highlight how aggressive enforcement and demands for unaffordable repayments can lead to a vicious cycle of deepening debt and greater hardship. A survey of 1,800 of the charity’s clients shows how people with debt problems are always […]

Fair Finance for Vulnerable Groups

  Getting finance is harder for some of us. Certain vulnerable groups fall through the cracks of the system and can’t get affordable finance. For example, young people yet to build a credit file, people who mostly use cash to buy what they need the 9.6 million households in the UK with low incomes There […]

We’re a Trusted Company!

  Angela Clements, CEO and Founder of Fair for You, said “we’re delighted to be working with Plymouth City Council to highlight our offering to local people, and provide an affordable alternative to high cost short term credit providers. As part of this partnership, we’re delighted that we have recently become the first recognised lender […]

Quick Loans UK: Computer Says No

  Getting a quick loan isn’t easy for all of us. When everything is done by a computer there are some of us who fall through gaps in the system because it isn’t managed by people. “We’ve got to a time in our lives where it’s all computerised. We can’t be compassionate to people’s scenarios, […]

Credit and Financial Advice for Plymouth

  We are in the Plymouth Daily & Plymouth Shopper newspaper this week! Councillor Dave Downie, Cabinet Member for Safer and Stronger Communities for Plymouth City Council, said: “We welcome the launch of Fair For You in Plymouth, which provides a much needed low interest, ethical way for people, including those on lower incomes to […]

£15 Billion Unclaimed Benefits Each Year

  Turn2Us found that almost half of people in low income households aren’t claiming welfare benefits or tax credits that they’re entitled to. People told Turn2Us that it’s because that they didn’t know where to check, that they thought it would be too difficult to apply and that they didn’t think they would even be […]

Loan Repayments On Insecure Work

  Over 2.3 million people are working variable shift patterns, with an additional 1.1 million on temporary contracts and a further 800,000 on either zero hour or agency contracts, reveals new figures from Citizens Advice. 4.5million UK workers are in insecure work. Insecure work is defined as employment that doesn’t have regular hours or shifts, […]

#BenefitsAware Campaign

  Worried about future changes to the welfare system? So are 73% of others claiming means-tested benefits, according to research by Turn2us. This is the highest percentage of those who can’t work due to disability, with an enormous 90% of those people anxious about welfare. 54% said they would struggle to provide for their children […]

Getting Credit: Tracey’s Story

  I’m living with my partner, and five children. Me and my partner have been together for years, but have never gotten married. My eldest is 13, but he’s got autism so he’s quite hard work, and my 9-year old has been diagnosed with ADHD. The twins are nearly 3. We manage by juggling the […]

Is There An Alternative to High Cost Credit in Plymouth?

  The fridge is on its last legs. You have babies milk to cool and lunchboxes to store, so you don’t have time to save the money for a new one. You’ve a big family, and you need a new one, and quickly. Where do you go? Tracey, living in Plymouth with her partner and […]

Business As Usual After Brexit

  CEO Angela Clements was quick to reassure customers that it’s business as usual here at Fair for You. “It is a worrying time for everyone, with change clearly on the horizon, and the headlines may frighten many who are already stressed and anxious about their money and credit. This comes after many years of […]

Armed Forces Weekend

  Fair for You is delighted to be supported by Plymouth Council in offering our services to Plymouth. Plymouth is saying a big Thank You to the Armed Services, their families and their veterans on 25 – 26th June to raise awareness of and support for the Armed Forces community and celebrate the outstanding contribution it makes to […]

Single Parents Living in Poverty on the Rise

  If you are a single parent struggling with finances you are certainly not alone, according to research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. They estimate that poverty rates for single parents will practically double between now and 2020 – less than four years from now. “It is shameful that in a country as wealthy […]

Mental Health & Finance

  Everyone knows someone who is suffering from some form of mental illness. Needless to say, it’s even worse for people who are struggling financially. The poll for the new policy institute Money and Mental Health (set up by MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis) found that almost 3 in 4 people who have experienced problems with their […]

Worried about your Credit Rating?

  “My credit rating isn’t the best as I got made redundant last year and fell behind so I was a bit panicky about finding finance,” said Nicola, one of our customers. You can read her review among many others here. Missing payments can adversely affect your rating, whilst making payments improves your rating. Even […]

Single Parents In Debt

  It’s obvious when you think about it, but it’s worth stating it as fact: single parents are more vulnerable to debt problems when hit by relatively small emergencies because they have tighter budgets, says a leading debt charity Step Change. Having tighter budgets means you don’t want to pay more and still end up […]

Fair for You saves customers over £0.5m during first six months’ trading

  New, ethical loan business saves its customers over £0.5m in first six months’ trading Savings equate to more than £750 per family Independent feedback of 9.6/10 shows the start-up is delivering for customers First lender to be awarded, ‘Buy with Confidence’ Trading Standards accreditation   Fair for You received its full authorisation from the […]

Social Enterprise UK

  We are now members of Social Enterprise UK! Here’s our Membership badge to prove it:             What it means to be a social enterprise: to have a clear social and/or environmental mission to generate the majority of their income through trade to reinvest the majority of their profits to […]

Rent to Own provider, Buy as You View to repay £939,000 to customers

  Fair for You (FFY) welcomes the news that Rent to Own (RTO) provider, Dunraven Finance Ltd, trading under the name Buy as You View has entered into an agreement with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to refund almost £1m to more than 59,000 customers for historic unfair treatment, including excessive fees and decisions on […]

Fair for You Video

Do Second Hand Washing Machines Really Save You Money?

  When buying refurbished and second hand washing machines, yes, it might be cheaper to buy a good brand, second hand. And if they are reliable, great. But washing machines can be destroyed in less than a year of misuse, and you can’t ask a washing machine how much they’ve been used. You can ask […]

What’s Wrong with the Rent to Own Sector?

  Rent to Own companies specialise in supplying furniture, TVs and basic household goods such as washing machines to low-income households. The 3 biggest players in the Rent to Own sector affect over 350,000 households in the UK*. We’ve listed 6 things wrong with the Rent to Own Sector: 1 – The Total Cost of […]

10 Tips for Dealing with Pay Weekly Stores

  We’ve summarised 10 things to watch out for when dealing with pay weekly stores or other credit providers. APR is not always the best way to compare the REAL cost. Instead, take a few minutes to look at the total cost. Which, depending on the lender, could include: interest, deposit, late fees, insurance, warranty, […]

3 Things to Consider When Comparing APR

  “Still at apr of over 40% it’s a little higher than one would like but WAY better deals than Brighthouse and others on the high-street. Thanks for bringing this to my attention” – commenter on Facebook. We saw this comment and thought you might benefit from an explanation. So, we’re going to explain our […]

Fair for You Launches

We’re here at last! Now you can: apply for a loan find the brands you want from our manufacturers check our loan calculator get affordable credit and find out more about us You can also download some reading material: eBrochure_Dec2015 eFlyer_Dec2015   We’ve been working hard to get Fair for You up and running by Christmas […]