Preparing for Christmas with Fair for You

Christmas is a huge expense for anyone, from the ongoing household bills in the midst of colder weather, to the family dinner and presents on Christmas Day.

The holidays are just a few months away, so if you’ll be needing something for the house by Christmas, you’ll need to be eligible for another Fair for You loan.

Get Another Item for Christmas

If you want another item in time, make sure that you’re eligible. This means:

  • You’re up to date on all loans
  • You’ve paid 1/3 of all active loans

You cannot apply for another loan whilst you are in arrears.

Customers are eligible for another item once a third of ALL their loans has been paid.


Access to Electronic Goods

We also have a Good Payers Club, with access to game consoles, Smart TVs up to 44″, mobiles, tablets, a wider range of beds & sofas (including corner sofas) and more.

You’re automatically invited at 6 months of good payments, or after 4 months if you’ve cleared off the remaining loan balance before then.


Miss a Payment over the Holiday

We don’t know what life is going to throw at us at any given time, so our loans are flexible.

You pay whatever you can afford in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

You can also pay ahead (or even a little extra each week) so that you can miss a payment over the holiday period if you need to without incurring a penalty.

Make one off online payments here.

Remember – you are eligible to take a payment holiday only if you have already overpaid on the loan.



Making Extra Payments

  • Go Online to
  • Call Finance’s Payment team on 0333 433 0739
  • Email finance at
  • Requests changes to be made via facebook messaging, or via our websites Livechat



Get Extra £££ for Recommendations

Don’t forget, you get £5 off a loan for you and a friend for every person you recommend to Fair for You.

Simply log into your dashboard and copy and paste your personal link to all your friends:

When they buy through the link you get £5 every time!

So that’s £25 for 5 people…
£50 for 10 people…
you get the idea!

Or make sure the person you recommended mentions you by name when we call to confirm their loan.

More info here:



Credit for Modern Britain

Written by CEO & Founder Angela Clements

Like so many, I won’t be weeping for Wonga or any of the other brands that will struggle to convince good customers to return to them next time they need credit. You can fool some of the people some of the time …. but in the end if you extract more money from them each time you lend to your customers than they feel is fair, then they will vote with their feet.

Wonga was one of many equity owned companies that arrived in the UK after spotting the huge gap in consumer credit, since the mainstream banks and building societies turned away from lending to those on low income, or for small amounts, or if you have benefits as your main income, or if you have missed some payments and run into trouble, or if you are self employed, or if your income isn’t stable, or if you haven’t borrowed before, or been abroad for a while – well that is most of us isn’t it?

It is a brand that has struggled to recover its reputation for how it earned just a little too much each time it provided a loan especially if it wasn’t repaid on time the first time. Cute puppets don’t fool modern Britons damaged by these companies. They know better than to trust the adverts, they want to read reviews from real people, and they ask their friends and their families for recommendations.

Many of our customers leaving reviews tell us they have gone without items rather than use a high cost credit provider again that was simply too painful to escape and left them with credit problems that cast a shadow over their household for years.

I have been working with others to challenge the problems around consumer credit for 10 years now. To be frank there are so many days where I can’t see the fight is worth it – its too hard, the days and hours are too long, & I ask so much of all the amazing people both inside and around Fair for You.

But I am constantly astonished to find reviews left frequently, that we changed someone’s life, we are life savers, that we allowed them to buy a fridge freezer that they had lived without for months, or a bed for little boy that was ill having to sleep on old mattress on the floor, or a cooker for a mum that wanted to cook for her children again, or a dryer for a mum that couldn’t get the school uniforms dry on the radiators.

That is what credit does, it allows people to live day to day – not thousands of pounds of credit, just £350 on average.

It restores pride, health, wellbeing, reduces anxiety, allows families to buy groceries in larger amounts to save shopping bills, it allows the house to be less damp, the children to want to go to bed at night and get up for school the next day.

We live in a modern Britain, where few have sufficient stable income to build good savings to overcome a series of emergency purchases. A modern Britain where 11m in private rented accommodation have to pay the deposit on a lease and a months rent in advance when you move in. & then wonder where the money comes from for the basics you need.

As a society we need to ensure that there are solutions for families to be able to buy the items they need for their family without paying more than is fair and equitable, & much more than a richer person would pay.

As one of my of customers recently explained more eloquently than I can paraphrase: he didn’t mind that others can borrow more cheaply from banks, and he didn’t mind that they had less money, but he did mind that his family go without as a result.

There are those who will be surprised that we don’t see much to celebrate with the passing of Wonga.

Happy if its a true warning perhaps that credit needs to be affordable, but there is more work to be done. & happier if the FCA keeps to its work on creditworthiness and to clamp down on credit cards and mail order limits being raised without full credit assessment til the customer hasn’t much chance of repaying.

At Fair for You, our credit offering is designed and continually tailored by our customers. We are a community interest company, and our community is lower income families of the UK. We think we have a right to earn a living from the credit we issue, but a fair amount from each loan.

We are just in our 3rd year, and many of our customers are coming back time and again. & recommending us to all their friends and families. So much so that August was by far our busiest ever month over 20% up on the previous busiest month, and 100 loans for the first time on a single day.

So far we estimate we have removed £15m of the poverty premium, providing £9m of loans & we are the highest rated personal lender on Trustpilot with thousands of reviews; we won 2 awards at the Consumer Credit Awards including Firm of the Year this year.

So we will maybe raise a smile with the demise of each organisation that cannot keep fooling their customers into coming back, and who take just a little too much each time they lend, and who forget how important the credit was to their customers.

However, we won’t pat ourselves on the back just yet though and there are certainly no champagne corks flying around here.

Quite simply, we are only just started. & there is way too much more work to be done to build a real mainstream alternative to the long line up of other high cost credit providers who have secured huge investment because they have another good idea in how to extract from vulnerable households maximum return.

A modern British society needs to ensure that there are credit solutions that are flexible and supportive – and Fair.

shop at


Energy Saving Washing Machines

Save Money When You Save Energy

Washing machines and dishwashers use large amounts of water and energy, and fridge freezers run 24 hours a day.

Needless to say, buying an item with better energy ratings can save you money on utility bills. But when you buy an energy efficient model, you could be saving money in other areas that you might not be thinking about:

  1. With some new models, the dryer stops drying when it detects that the laundry is dry, so it doesn’t keep using energy to run.
  1. Washing machines and dishwashers use up less water, so the metre won’t be as high.
  2. And of course, new items last longer. The newer the product, the longer it’ll run for without needing repairs. On average, replacement is after 12.5 years for a fridge and 12 years for a washing machine.


 Fair for You has suppliers that offer a range of energy efficient models at fair prices. Browse them at

So How Much Money & Energy Do You Save?

To find out what you could save personally from your new Washing Machine, check out this energy saving calculator.

Information from the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s report on ‘Energy efficient products – helping us cut energy use’, July 2014.

Why Was I Declined for a Loan?

We get a lot of questions about eligibility, and why we accept some loan applications but can’t accept others.

Here is some information we think might be useful.

What you need to know before you apply for another item with Fair for You:

  • You need to have paid 1/3 of all active loans before you’re eligible for another item
  • You can have up to 3 loans at a time
  • You can make extra payments at anytime online, via the phone or on livechat (this also reduces the overall interest)


  • After 6 months of good payments you are invited into the Good Payers Club, with access to a wider range of items including TVs, mobiles & holidays!


Credit Files and How We Look at Them

We’re now in the best position to view and take control of our own files. All the big Credit Reference Agencies, such as Noddle,  Clearscore, Experian etc, have now made it FREE to view your credit file.

What does Fair for You Look For?

Lenders are always looking to assess the likelihood that you will repay a loan. Most lenders use your credit score to judge this, but at Fair for You we don’t.

We review every application individually and look to see if the loan is affordable, and that you’re managing your existing credit.

We also look for the following:

  1. Your Address – Is it stable?
  • Are you on the Electoral Register? If not, get on it, it improves your score.
  • Have you told us about a previous address? We can see if you haven’t so make sure you put it on the application form.


  1. CCJs

You may have one, but what are you doing about it to get rid it? A CCJ tells a new lender that you didn’t contact/make agreement with an old lender.

Lots of CCJs shows a pattern of that behaviour.


  1. Are you repaying your existing credit?

Lenders have a duty to ensure that a new loan is affordable for you. If we can’t see that you’re managing your existing credit, we won’t be able to lend to you as we have to justify to our regulators that we lend responsibly.


  1. Defaults

Have you got them on your file? Are you doing something about it to slowly pay them off?


It makes a difference for us to see you are trying to manage them.

So don’t bury your head in the sand!

Defaults with small balances under £100 may be small and forgotten, about they still affect your file.

Best thing to do is try and pay these off slowly.


Challenge – How to Improve Your Credit Score

We all spend hours on Facebook, Instagram or watching TV. Just take 10 mins out of that every month and review your credit file to keep on top of it.

You’ll be amazed how little things can improve your score.

Now I have a challenge for you.

Look at your file as if you were a lender, lending your own money. WOULD YOU LEND TO YOU?

IF NOT, there are things you can do to improve your file!

 Just Google ‘Free Credit File’. All the Credit Reference Agencies will come up and they all have guides on how to make improvements.

Hope that’s useful to you!

Any questions please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.


Gas or Electric Cooker on Finance?

Our suppliers at Whirlpool have a range of Gas or Electric Hotpoint and Indesit Cookers for you to choose from, which you can get on finance with Fair for You.

To help you decide which cooker features are essential to you, and which you can live without, we’ve created this handy guide around cookers.

Most freestanding cookers are 60cm wide, but if you’re squeezed for space, you can also find 55cm and 50cm wide models. All are roughly the same height and depth to fit a standard kitchen and line up with your worktops.

In general, Gas cookers are the cheapest (provided you already have access to gas), the average price is around £350 & cost on average £14 a year to run. Electric cookers have higher running costs.

As you go up the price spectrum, you are likely to get more features, such as:

  • catalytic self-clean liners – so grease doesn’t stick to it as easily making the cooker easier to clean
  • programmable timers – which alerts you when the cooking is done so you don’t have to worry about forgetting and accidentally burning the pasta bake
  • more spacious ovens – useful for family meals
  • separate grill – useful when you’re trying to cook multiple dishes at the same time
  • more stylish designs – who doesn’t want a home that reflects them?


Gas or Electric Cooker?

Unless you have a strong preference for gas or electric, it makes sense to stick with the fuel type you already have the wiring or supply for in your kitchen.

Gas is cheaper to cook with, but cooking costs have a relatively small impact on most people’s household energy bills.

There are a couple of different combinations of fuel type and technology.

You can have:

  • all-gas,
  • or dual-fuel cooker (electric oven and gas hob ).
  • With electric models your main choice is what kind of hob you get.



Electric cookers

These have an electric oven and hob.

  • Most have fan or fan-assisted ovens,
  • which should help to spread heat more evenly around the oven cavity.
  • If your cooker has an oven fan, it will cook food more quicklyso you can reduce cooking temperatures and times.
  • There are occasions when conventional heat – top and bottom heat without a fan – is an advantage, and
  • if you get a cooker with a double oven, you’ll usually get one conventional oven and one with a fan.


Gas cookers

  • All-gas cookers are the cheapest to cook with,
  • gas hobs are usually easier to control than standard electric hobs,
  • providing instant heat when you need it.


  • oven cooking results can be a bit less uniform than in an electric model.

Hope this helps with choosing your cooker!

Our suppliers at Whirlpool deliver your cooker to your kitchen, for free, within 3 days to all of the UK. They’ll take away your old one as well! And you can select installation at check out if you need it.

You can then choose to pay for it with Fair for You, in weekly, monthly or fortnightly instalments that suit you at



August Update

Welcome to your August update.

Hi all, we thought we were in for a quieter summer but its been busier than ever.

Some fabulous ideas on products and retailers we should be working with, and we are absolutely determined to be adding much more across Northern Ireland and Scotland !!

Thank you so much to everyone that has been recommending us on facebook, we are so grateful that we are happy to put a thankyou off your loan just the same as if you recommend us to a friend directly.

We really love hearing from you, and we know when we are busy we don’t get everything right, but we will always try to sort it.

Keep talking to us, we are on facebook and we love your feedback

Kindest regards,



Fancy a fiver?

If you haven’t already, recommend us on Facebook between 16th-31st August 2018 and we will take £5 off your loan with us!
(Please note, this is limited to 1 per customer and has no cash value. Any payments due will be paid to loans by 30th September 2018)
Thank you to everyone recommending us on facebook so far!

For Good Payers Club members: Win £100 off your loan

From now on, Good Payers Club members who buy a kitchen appliance will get entered into a prize draw to win £100 off their loan! 

You’ll be in for a chance to win each time a kitchen appliance over the value of £150 is purchased, thanks to our friends at Hotpoint.

The winner will be selected at the end of each month.

Terms & Conditions:

How to Make an Online Payment

You can make an online payment at any time using a debit card by going to our website or clicking here:

You’ll need a few things at hand to make sure we apply the payment to your account:

  • Customer number (you can find this on your loan agreement or emails from us)
  • Personal details (including name, mobile number, email address and date of birth

REMEMBER – any payment made is an overpayment, not a scheduled payment. If you would like us to cancel your scheduled payment because of a payment made online please email us at

Why we Text You

Each month we will text you to keep you as up to date as possible. This will include:

  • your loan balance(s)
  • when you are 1/3 repaid and eligible for a new loan
  • and we will keep you informed if we launch new stores or products.

We will also text you if you miss a payment or your account is running in arrears, and we will text you when your loan is repaid.



How to Contact Fair for You

There are so many ways you can get in touch with us if you need anything! Below are a few useful links to speak with our different teams…



Delivery/Item Issues:

General Queries:

Or send us a letter to:

Fair for You Enterprise CIC
Delta View,
2309 – 2311 Coventry Road,
B26 3PG

Insurance and Warranties


We don’t sell insurance, all items are new and should be fit for purpose.

All kitchen items have 12 months free warranty included as standard – for other items please check before you purchase.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, and let your retailer know straight away they may be able to collect the item and have the loan cancelled, but their may be a collection fee involved. Please contact your retailer as soon as possible!

If there is something wrong with your product and it is still under Warranty then your retailer should be able to either repair or replace it (providing it is a manufacturer issue and not caused by an accident eg dropping a TV and breaking the screen). Again, please contact them as soon as possible so they can get it sorted.

You can contact retailers on the numbers below:

  • Dorset Homes: 01935 315030
  • Whirlpool: 03448 111211

Hotpoint Fridge Freezers on Finance

Fair for You’s suppliers at Whirlpool offer Hotpoint & Indesit kitchen appliances, including Hotpoint Fridge Freezers on finance that keep food fresher for longer.

Day 1 Technology

Hotpoint Fridge Freezers have Day 1 Technology that mimics the way nature produces fresh air, deterring bacteria and keeping the internal temperature cool even after the door’s been opened, so that food is kept fresher for longer, minimising food waste.


Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen technology releases oxygen molecules into the fridge, which removes bad smells, such as strong cheeses, and oxidises bacteria so that it’s harder to grow. The Active Oxygen molecule is the same type of oxygen that is present in nature and released into the atmosphere during a thunderstorm. This incredible molecule is recreated inside the fridge freezer.


Multi-Use Drawer

You can choose the way you want to use the space inside your fridge. Placed above the crisper the temperature is set to nearly 0°C, perfect for storing delicate foods such as meat or fish, or place in the middle shelf space where the 5°C temperature and higher humidity is perfect for storing fruit and veg.


Energy Saving

Fridge Freezers are switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s a lot of energy being used up on one essential kitchen item, so it’s well worth looking into how to save money on it by finding the models that are most energy efficient.

According to The Energy Saving Trust, choosing an A+++ fridge freezer over an A+ unit will save you about £190 in energy bills over the lifetime of the product (on average, replacement is after 12.5 years for a fridge).

A smaller A-rated fridge could use less energy than a larger A+ rated fridge, too.

If you’re curious how much energy your fridge is using, here’s a handy tip: you can compare the total energy consumption of appliances by looking for their yearly energy consumption in kWh / annum displayed on the bottom right of the energy label.

Fair for You offer energy saving items because we understand the savings that can be made in the long run, and our customers asked for that quality.

You can find more information about Hotpoint Fridge Freezers here

Go shopping for Hotpoint & Indesit Fridge Freezers at & shop ‘Appliances’


Ways to Win: Prize Draws with Fair for You

We are so grateful for everyone who is recommending us to their friends, and we love that you are pleased with our service and are spreading the word about our alternative to high cost credit.

We don’t have a huge marketing budget like some other companies so we rely on news of the brilliant service we provide being spread by you, our customers.

That’s why we offer these gifts as a huge thank you for giving us feedback, sharing your stories, referring your friends and for taking out loan with us. Check out the prize draws we have running every month at Fair for You!

Monthly Prize Draws


£5 OFF your loan EACH TIME you refer a customer to us

You get a fiver off for every customer you recommend that takes out a loan with us, so that’s £25 for 5 recommendations, £50 off for 10…you get the idea!

Simply log into your dashboard and copy & paste the link there to send to your friends.

When they buy through your link you BOTH get a fiver off your Fair for You loan as a thank you!

OR you just need to make sure they mention you by name when we call to confirm their loan.

Win 25% off your Loan

Take 5 minutes to fill out our monthly survey and you could win 25% off the end of your Fair for You loan in our monthly prize draw!

Fill out the survey by clicking here:


Win £50 off your Loan

Leave us a quick view on Trust Pilot and you could win £50 off the end of your Fair for You loan in our monthly prize draw! Click here for terms & conditions

Leave us a review on Trust Pilot here:

WIN a £500 Kitchen Appliance!

Feeling trapped by your credit history?

We want to hear about your experience, take 3 minutes to fill out our survey bu clicking here.

Takes 3 minutes & you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a kitchen appliance from Whirlpool up to the value of £500!

We’re challenging the way lending is done in the UK, but we need more information to raise the issue of credit scores with policy-makers. Let us know about your experiences and we’ll enter you into our prize draw as a thank you!

100 off your Loan – Good Payers Club Members Only

Each month we’ll do a prize draw to select the lucky customer who bought a kitchen item with Fair for You that month. Prize draw open to Good Payers Club members only.



Past Big Winners


Last month the lovely people at Dogfriendly gifted one of our lucky customers with £1000 towards a holiday with Hoseasons, as a thank you for referring a friend to Fair for You.

Laura won the first monthly prize draw of £100 for purchasing a kitchen appliance from us last month. Here are a few of our customers who have have received brand new kitchen appliances each for sharing their story with Fair for You.


So what are you waiting for?

Enter into our prize draws for a chance to win money off your Fair for You loan, or even a £500 kitchen item!

Good Luck!


Feeling Lost on How to Improve Your Credit Score?

Doing everything you can to help your credit score, only to find there’s no improvement at all?

Many of our customers report feeling trapped by their credit history.

We met up with a few of them to hear what they had to say about their experiences with credit:

When talking about their experience with using high cost lenders in the past, Jessica says “they take advantage of vulnerable people who they know need money and they don’t think of the consequences for us.”

“Then you stay vulnerable,”says Rhonda. “Years ago I’d had Brighthouse, but now I’ve got a good job, but I can’t take out credit.”

They talked about feeling trapped in a cycle of paying back high interest loans on time, yet never seeing any improvement.

Emma says “I was told if I got a mobile phone it would help my credit rating…but it didn’t move at all.”

“I make payments on every single thing now that I’ve got or loaned and my credit rating isn’t rising at all. It isn’t showing that I’m paying anything.”


So How Fair for You Can Help?

Jasmine Birtles, BBC presenter, founder of Money Magpie & patreon of our charity Fair for You, says “these company’s need to be forced to give that information to help your credit rating.”

We’re doing what we can to raise this issue with regulators and government officials, but we need more information about what’s really going on to back us up.

Share your experiences in our 3 minute survey here.

This survey will take 3 minutes and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new kitchen appliance up to the value of £500 as a thank you!

If you’d like some advice on the steps you can be taking yourself, here’s Jasmine Birtles sharing advice on this:


 5 Tips on How to Clean Up Your Credit Score:

  1.  Pay ALL your bills on time
  2. Get on the Electoral Roll (weirdly, this helps!)
  3. Check your Credit Record regularly on Noddle, Call Credit and Experian
  4. Correct mistakes on the record – takes a few emails but it’s worth it!
  5. Don’t use any ‘Credit Cleaner’ services – they don’t.


Your Credit History & Fair for You

We get a lot of new customers asking us about whether we’d accept them based on their bad credit score.

Many are pleasantly surprised that we do not base our decisions based on credit history:

“I’d recommend them, definitely” said Jessica, “I was shocked at getting accepted”.

Emma agreed, “I thought this is a wind up!”

“I didn’t believe it until the delivery person was at the door!” said Rhonda, thinking there was no way she was going to pass with her credit rating.

We do credit check, but our decision isn’t only based on credit history. We like to look more at what kind of payer you are now.

(However, as a responsible credit provider if you are currently struggling with credit we don’t want to add to that, so you are unlikely to be able to borrow from Fair for You).

As a responsible lender we always want to help our customers to buy the things they need, so we’ll check every loan for affordability each time you apply.

You can check your eligibility here.


How to Improve Your Credit Score with Fair for You

We always report to Noddle, so check your credit score there. Follow these steps and you should see your credit rating improve.

  1. Set up payments to suit your budget
  2. Pay the minimum due on time
  3. Tell them if your circumstances change, we want to help
  4. Overpay – the faster the loan is paid the less you pay overall


Here is what our customers have to say about it:

Karen from Scotland said:

“I could not get credit due to past bad credit history and I felt trapped. I am so happy with the service and can honestly say it’s bettered my life – I feel more in control.

Chevaun from Bolton said:  

I’ve had a very bad credit rating and with my weekly low payments to Fair for You and never missing a payment has helped my credit score a great deal.

I think that you should promote Fair for You a little more so more people find out about you and can benefit from it.

I’m so happy that I discovered Fair for You.”

You can see more on how we’ve helped customers improve their credit score here


Don’t forget to take part in our 3 Minute Credit Score Survey for a chance to win a brand new Kitchen Appliance up to the value of £500 HERE 


Pay Weekly Holidays on Finance Now Available

Pay Weekly for a Holiday on finance of your choice from  Hoseasons, Haven and Butlins through provider Inspire Travel.

Only available to members of our Good Payers Club, which customers are invited into after 6 months of good payments.

If approved for a loan you can use the funds to book a holiday now and arrange to pay off your loan in regular instalments, just like any other loan from us.

To apply for a loan for a holiday just click here and log in to the Good Payers Club!