Fair for You are Double Award Winners at Consumer Credit Awards 2018 (again!)

Once again we’ve brought home not just one, but TWO awards at the Consumer Credit Awards last night, and it’s all thanks to our customers!

A huge thank you to everyone who voted! Thanks to you, we’ve picked up the “Best Alternative Finance Provider” and “Firm of the Year” awards.

They are now sitting in place of honour next to our ‘Consumer Credit Champion’ award and ‘Best Newcomer’ award from last year


About the Consumer Credit Awards

Our partners, friends and suppliers, including Jasmine Birtles, patreon of Fair for You from Money Magpie, joined us for a lovely evening of entertainment and awards.

Our win was announced at an awards ceremony at the Café de Paris in London yesterday on 12th July, in front of some of the biggest consumer credit firms in the UK. The evening was hosted by acclaimed comedian Jamali Maddix, who you may recognise from shows such as Live At The Apollo. We’re still over the moon that we were able to attend this event and take home an award!

The Consumer Credit Awards have become the largest consumer-voted awards programme within the consumer credit industry, and helps to put the customer at the very heart of the industry, which is why we’re so grateful to win an award.

It means a lot to a not for profit company like Fair for You. As Hollywood actor Michael Sheen put it when he visited our offices the other week, we don’t have the huge marketing budget of mainstream pay weekly stores or pay day lenders. We rely on others to tell their friends about us, and events like the Consumer Credit Awards is a fantastic way to let people know that we’re the best at what we do!


Fair for You: Best Alternative Finance Provider 2018

And it’s no accident that we’ve picked up ‘Best Alternative Finance Provider’.

We’ve hosted a few discussions with our customers, who have told us about their past experience with rent to owns and pay day loans. On top of the upselling, they’d find themselves later dealing with inflexible loans that had added costs and fees. They said if they knew then what they had learnt since, they wouldn’t have taken out loans with past creditors. But at the time they didn’t have an alternative when faced with an emergency.

Our customers have voted for a service that provides them with flexible, affordable loans with terms that they can choose to suit their needs, from 3 to 18 months. Our loans are supportive, highly visible and non-penal – all things our customers said they needed from the start.

The application is quick & easy for when they’re having an emergency, and can be done via their smart phone. Everything is made clear from the start, so customers often praise our customer service as ‘second to none’.

Our team works incredibly hard, 7 days a week, approving affordable loans for essential household items to families who need them.

So we’re incredible glad to have an award to show for our hard work!

Our customers were the ones who did the voting, and you can see what they all had to say here.

But here are a few of my favourates:




We are absolutely delighted to have our work recognised by the only people that really matter – our customers.

Thank you again for everyone who voted!


Quick & Easy Loans with Pre-Filled Forms

It’s always been quick & easy to get a loan for a household item, but not it’s quicker & easier!

Existing customers can now Log In to apply for their 2nd loan and will have the fields pre-filled!

No need to keep inputting the same information.

Thank you for all the feedback from customers who have asked for this update, please keep letting us know how we can improve our services.


Michael Sheen meets Fair for You Customers to Discuss High Cost Credit


Yesterday around midday, as the team were working away at our small Birmingham offices, Hollywood Actor Michael Sheen stepped in with cameras and reporters to find out more about our alternative to high cost credit.

As you may have heard, Sheen has recently launched the ‘End High Cost Credit Alliance’ in order to challenge the high cost lenders and rent-to-owns that are taking advantage of lower income households.

Our Head of Lending Alex Neville showed him how our lending is done, before he settled down with our customers for a real chat about their experiences with high cost lending in the UK.

“Brighthouse are Bullies”, said Claire. She found Fair for You when Googling “Pay Weekly Beds” – she’d never heard of us and didn’t think she’d be approved due to her lower credit rating, but she didn’t want to go back to Brighthouse. “They’re like loan sharks”.

Claire was pleasantly surprised with Fair for You, and has had a few things since being with us. “It’s nice having something to rely on” she says, when needing a household item on finance.

Another customer talked about what it felt like being bullied when a payment was missed, and you have children in the house that you feel you have to defend. He felt disrespected and threatened by companies, particularly Brighthouse, sending men to come banging on the door demanding missed payment.  “We have 3 children at home, and they aren’t polite about it”, says Richard.

When life events mean he needed to miss a payment “Fair for You will work with you” he says. Fair for You allow him to overpay so that he can reduce his interest or even miss a payment later when he needs to. There’s lots of flexibility there, which is “quite refreshing in this industry”.

“I want to protect the relationship [with Fair for You]”, he says, “they’re doing something very, very right”.


Michael Sheen then asks Fair for You CEO & Founder Angela Clements how our not for profit lending company can be flexible with high risk customers, when so many other lenders don’t seem capable of it.

“Modern lending technology allows you to be flexible”, she says. “It’s a choice – a culture choice.”

Over 25% of Fair for You customers choose to over pay. Partly because it reduces interest, or it allows them to miss a payment when they need to – but the reality is our customers budget incredibly well.

During the discussion, Michael challenged the stigma surrounding those who need to borrow in order to obtain household items, “you should get a fair deal when you need it. You shouldn’t be punished for not being able to have it all in one go”.

“They haven’t lived the kind of life that we’ve lived” says Emma in response, another Fair for You customer.

“All we’re after is basic household appliances […] we’re not after brand new sports cars!” Richard adds.


Our customers are always reporting having had bad past experience with credit, but as Richard says below, “When you need the item, you have to go and get it”. He’s felt angry about being abused by other companies…the high pressured sales, the high interest loans and them coming to the door step after putting him into that position with inflexible terms.

But Fair for You are different, says Michael Sheen.

“The business model you’re describing is not based on trying to help people” he says, “the more trouble you get in, the better it is for them. That can’t have at the heart of it that it’s trying to help you”.

Fair for You is a consumer-led, charity-owned, not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Michael has been following Fair for You for a while now, “I know that they genuinely have at the heart of what they want to do is to help people”.

There are different business models out there, and people need to be aware of that.”

So what’s so different about Fair for You? Our customer Emma says it best, so we’ll end with her:

“I can’t stress enough they are such a brilliant company. They are friendly on the phone…they’re very helpful, it’s just like going to family to borrow some money”.

Fair for You is the UK’s No.1 Trusted Flexible Credit Provider

We’re a not for profit alternative to high cost credit, offering flexible, affordable and ethical loans for household items through our online high-street. Customers choose an item & the credit to match their circumstances, which can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or fortnightly, from 3 to 18 months.

Click here to browse our shops

For any media enquiries please email charlotte.bailey@fairforyou.co.uk


New Garden Furniture added for Summer (& Beds)

Even more Garden Furniture on finance available at Fair for You!

Including the 3 Seater Hammock Swing for relaxing times enjoying the garden rocking in the shade,









Or the Hannah Wooden Bench Dining Set that seats 6 for larger families and get togethers with friends,










Or the Rectangular Foldaway Dining Set that seats for large families that are short on space.










And there is even more in the Good Payers Club! Which you’re invited into after 6 months of good payments on a loan with Fair for You.

Click here to view the range available to all customers, or log in to the Good Payers Club here.

A number of new beds have also been added recently too – if you haven’t seen them already, make sure to have a browse through here

Save £124 on a 10kg A+++ Ultima S-Line Washing Machine

Pay weekly for this 10kg A+++ Ultima S-Line Washing Machine on finance and save £125 through Fair for You: http://ow.ly/92yp30ktu7R

Perfect for large families!

– A+++ energy rating, saving money over time
– 60% Higher Cleaning Power
– Anti Allergy
– Super Silent Motor
– Delay Timer
– Duvet Cycle
– 20 minute Steam Fresh cycle
– Anti-stain Turbo Cycle

With Direct Injection, the detergent is transformed into a washing mousse with a cleaning power 60% higher than in a traditional Washing Machine, reducing the washing temperature which means more care for colour in your clothes.

Steam Refresh is a short 20 minute cycle that removes odours and smells to freshen up clothes that have only been worn for a few hours. Steam Hygiene adds an extra period of steam at the end of a full wash cycle for a deep intensive clean.

The Delicate Wash programme keeps your woollens as good as new. It uses an extra gentle drum action and low spin speeds to stop clothes rubbing together and keep them looking beautiful for longer.

The Super Silent technology uses an ddvanced brushless motor reduce noise levels dramatically, so you won’t be disturbed.

Hotpoints Ultima S-line removes more than 100 stains at 20°

It has the lowest energy usage – A+++ – Less water is heated which significantly reduces energy consumption.

The Anti-Stain Turbo is able to REMOVE 40 STAINS in JUST 45min at only 20°. It does this thanks to the Direct Injection System and increased agitation during the wash to remove dirt and stain

Click HERE to take a look and shop for this incredilble buy!


£5 OFF All Microwaves before 1st July 2018

Looking to pay weekly for a Microwave on finance?

Whirlpool are offering £5 off any Hotpoint Microwave purchased before 1st July 2018!

The £5 will be taken from the total Loan Amount as a payment on the day the loan is completed.

Their range of  freestanding microwaves have cooking functions that can be arranged in a sequence to suit your needs and create high quality cooked food.

This includes their signature dynamic crisp option, which gives the cooking effect of an oven.

Hotpoint microwave ovens also include combi and grill type options as well.


Fair for You are Finalists in the Consumer Credit Awards 2018

Thank you to everyone who has voted so far – out of 120 companies we have been named a finalist in the ‘Best Alternative Finance Provider 2018’ for the second year in a row

This is a significant achievement – the Consumer Credit Awards are the largest consumer-voted awards programme within the consumer credit industry.

Mike Fotis, founder of Smart Money People who run the award, says: “It’s our mission to help consumers find the best products and providers on the market, and who better to help us find these providers than customers themselves. That’s why the Consumer Credit Awards use people power to find the very best financial firms, be they new to the market, or established global giants.”

They let the customer have their say, we’ve enjoyed hearing from you in your reviews – it really makes all the hard work and long hours the team puts in worth it.

Voting will end on 1st July.

Last year we won the “Best Alternative Finance Provider” & “Consumer Credit Champion” award for 2017.

We need your support to win this year as well!

Join the 16,000 other consumers who have voted in the awards so far. With your help, we can bring home another award for 2018!

Why Vote for Fair for You?

  • As a not for profit we don’t have a marketing budget – this helps us be seen
  • Our loans are flexible, supportive and affordable
  • We apply absolutely no hidden fees
  • Friendly customer service said to be ‘second to none’
  • Hear from us within a day and receive a kitchen appliance within 3 days
  • We’re leading the challenge to high cost credit

Please leave us a vote here

Takes 2 minutes


You’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win




Energy Savings with Whirlpool

The Whirlpool Group (including Hotpoint and Indesit) were the first retailers to work with Fair for You.

Since then, they have regularly improved their website to contribute to your shopping experience.

The most recent addition provides easy to understand information, advising what kind of savings can be made when purchasing a new appliance, by checking the energy efficiency when compared against less efficient models.

Go to our homepage www.fairforyou.co.uk and click on “Shop Appliances” to view the full range now!


June Newsletter Update

Read the June Newsletter Update here


What an exciting few weeks – we seem to be on the TV regularly as the FCA say they are going to tackle high cost credit, and Financial Ombudsman says complaints about high cost credit providers is going up.

We are enjoying Michael Sheen talking about us and being part of the End High Cost Credit Alliance work he is often on TV talking about.

We think that we need better credit companies, and it was great to meet some of our customers and hear their stories with TV presenter Jasmine Birtles quite recently. We were really concerned to find how many people are stressed by their credit rating, and we are doing some work on that to make sure that the regulators understand this.

We need your help to tell people about us and please share us if you think we could be helpful to your family or friends.

Thank you as always!

 In this June Newsletter Update:

– Get £5 OFF any Microwave purchased before 1st July
– Holidays no available to Good Payers Club members
– Last chance to win £1000 Holiday Vouchers!