Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator

Choose how much you want to pay weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly towards your new item through Fair for You.

Use this loan calculator to see approximately how much an item comes to overall:

  1. Enter in how much the item is (the retail cost)
  2. Move the calculator slider to show repayments you can afford.

Interest is 3.75% per month.

The shorter the loan period, the less interest you pay overall.

And if you take the loan over a longer period, you will pay lower payments.

You can pay extra towards your loan at any time to reduce the overall interest or to allow you to miss a week when you need to. The faster you pay, the less you pay.

Please note, actual loan repayment amounts may differ very slightly depending on when you start your loan payments and this is for illustrative purposes only.

45% (equivalent to 55.6% APR):