How it Works

You can order your product today in five easy steps. We’ve made the process quick and done online via your smart phone, laptop or tablet!

Click here to view our Loan Application Walkthrough Video

fair for you happy customerStep 1. BROWSE our online high street

The ‘Shop Now’ button will take you to the website of selected retailers.

Just to ensure that you are eligible for a loan, you will take 10 seconds to answer two yes/no questions. This only has to be done once (if you’d like to know what we’ll ask you check our loan eligibility section).

Step 2.   CHOOSE your item & put it in your basket

Once shopping you can browse our selection of appliances online from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world such as Whirlpool, Hotpoint and Indersit.

Step 3.  APPLY for a loan from Fair for You

You will automatically be linked back to the Fair for You website to apply for your loan. You’ll need your National Insurance number, Income and Income frequency.

Your loan will be processed straight away. We’ll do a high quality credit check and you’ll get pre-approved within a few minutes.

If you’re still unsure what to expect, view our Loan Application Walkthrough video here.

Step 4.  CONFIRM to the agreed loan repayments

Our team will call you to verify the affordability and set up your loan repayments.

Once everything is confirmed, an e-loan agreement will be e-mailed to you that you can sign digitally via your tablet, phone or laptop mouse.


You will be e-mailed a link so that you can arrange your free nationwide delivery, guaranteed within 72 hours!

Don’t forget to tell us what you think. Any questions? Wish you had more information? Contact us. Your views matter more than you know!