“Applying to Fair for you was extremely simple. Non complex forms, everything explained in black and white. Everything nice and clear.”
— Lucy

I’m a night worker and a bit all over the place during the day- so when my washing machine suddenly stopped working it was quite daunting.

Unfortunately, I use the machine on a daily basis- we have a three year old and my partner is currently retraining as a chef; so it gets a lot of use. When I came home early on the 23rd to find it was allergic to doing whites/lights, I started to look for a replacement. Our washing machine had been on and off for months - I spent six years in the white goods repair industry, mainly via insurance; so I knew it wasn't worth repairing.

Certain high street retailers were charging between 69%-99% APR for people in our situation. While I work, it supports three people and paying another weekly payment store £1700+ for a new machine that costs a fraction of that, didn’t really appeal to me; but felt left with little choice until I searched online.

I found Fair for You via Google, and I chose a Hotpoint appliance, as from previous experience I know they’re pretty solid machines. Applying to Fair for you was extremely simple. Non complex forms, everything explained in black and white. Precontract information the same, everything nice and clear.

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“When I saw your site I phoned my mum! I called a couple people and said look, if you need anything, these people are decent.”
“I can’t fault them at all. It was all done very quickly, and they were very helpful. You get a good price for what you are buying and a really low rate of interest. And you can choose the length of time you need to pay over as well.”
“I previously used another weekly payment store — it was a real struggle and they were always on the phone chasing payments.”