What is Hotpoint ActiveCare technology?

May 29, 2019 • The Team

Hotpoint ActiveCare is the best washing machine technology on the market for stain removal. If your little ones are constantly getting their clothes stained – and whose aren’t? – then an ActiveCare machine will be ideal for you.

We’re taking a look at the benefits of ActiveCare technology and showing how you can use our affordable weekly and monthly loans to keep your clothes stain-free for longer…

What is ActiveCare technology?

Hotpoint ActiveCare was designed to be the industry leader in stain removal. It takes care of your clothes by being able to remove up to 100 stains at 20 degrees – meaning that you can save money on energy, whilst keeping your clothes in great condition.

Whilst the technology is great at removing stains, it’s still extremely gentle on clothes and won’t discolour or damage the material despite being a pretty powerful technology. Overall, ActiveCare helps you save money by keeping your clothes in good condition and saves energy by being able to wash thoroughly on low heat.

What’s more, the ActiveCare offering comes in a machine size of 9kg and 10kg, so there’s something for everyone.

Why is ActiveCare such a great stain removal washing machine?

Within the ActiveCare technology there is 3 elements that get rid of stains for good. The Active mousse, Active drum and Active load.

  • Active Mousse

This element of the technology mixes the water with the detergent before the washing enters the drum, which creates a mousse which has been found to be more effective than any other method at removing stains.

  • Active Drum

The active drum features a brushless inverter motor with many different drum settings to suit any kind of stain. Unlike an ordinary washing machine, ActiveCare looks after clothes with specific settings for each stain, so that you can target tough stains correctly.

  • Active Load

The Active Load technology saves you money on water and energy. Instead of having standard settings, the ActiveLoad technology tailors it to the specific stain, meaning that you never overspend on water or energy to clean your clothes.

Why choose an ActiveCare washing machine?

With ActiveCare technology, you’ll be able to take care of stains with just one wash. Forget the days of scrubbing stains away by hand, with ActiveCare you’ll be able to save time and energy whilst improving your washing performance.

Plus, when you purchase an ActiveCare washing machine with us at the moment, you’ll receive £50 cashback and a cuddly teddy bear, which makes the cutting edge technology very reasonable. Fair For You have partnered with Whirlpool to take care of all of your washing machine needs, no matter what you financial situation. With plans from as little as £7.84 per week, it’s likely that you could qualify for a Fair For You loan.

Our affordable pay weekly loans mean that you can enjoy the luxury of an ActiveCare washing machine in your home. To learn more, why not check if you qualify today with the help of our easy tool? Or, if you want a little more information first, you can read up on our money saving tips and product updates over on our blog.

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