How To Start The New Year With Your Best Foot Forward

January 15, 2024 • Chris Bardsley

How To Start The New Year With Your Best Foot Forward

After all the fun of Christmas, New Year can be a bit of a polarising time. For some, a new year feels energising, especially when creating new goals for the year ahead. For others, January can be a struggle, especially with the likes of Blue Monday just around the corner.

This year, we want to encourage you to adopt a positive mindset. By viewing January as a fresh chapter, you can actually set yourself up for a fantastic year ahead. All you need is the right strategy to make that happen.

If you don’t know where to start, then here are our top tips from the Fair For You team to help make this year your best one yet.

Tackle Anything You’ve Been Putting Off First

Many of us get into the habit of leaving things ‘until after Christmas’. This can range from making that doctor’s appointment to switching utility providers. Even taking the chance to have a good old clearout!

Whatever happens to be on your to-do list, now couldn't be a better time to get organised and ultimately, get any stress off your shoulders.

Sure, these tasks might not be fun. But you’ll ultimately feel so much better for taking charge, especially if anything is causing you to feel worried or stressed.

Remember, every small step you take is a step in the right direction. So don’t wait to take action - sort your list today.

Make A Plan For The Year Ahead

We’re all familiar with New Year's resolutions. These are always a great idea in principle, but often involve setting ourselves unrealistic goals meaning most people give up in the first week. So how about this year, you think a little further ahead?

Specifically, anything which held you back last year, that you’d really like to put right this year. Goals which you can take at your own pace meaning you’re more likely to stick to them.

Of course, getting fit is on everyone’s list. But you can also think of more tailored aims to suit you such as reducing your debt, getting that qualification, passing your driving test or anything else of relevance.

Once you have your goals in mind, decide how you’re going to make them a reality, including having regular check-ins with yourself to monitor your progress. Being held back another year isn’t an option - it’s time to grab this year and make it count.

Confront Your Finances Head On

Talking about money has long been a taboo topic. For those on a low income especially, there can be a lot of negative emotions associated with money. In reality, net worth has no bearing on self-worth. Furthermore, regardless of where your bank balance stands in the New Year, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the situation.

The first step to solving any problem is to look at where you stand, even if this means confronting your stress or anxiety about money head on. Once you have a clear picture of things such as your bank balance, outgoing payments, debts and credit score, you can make a plan of action.

An easy place to start is to try some money saving apps which can actually turn your stress into rewarding challenges to save money and reduce unnecessary spending.

You could also try opening a savings account if you don’t have one already. Some apps also round up your spending to autosave the difference, and can soon add to up a healthy pile of cash before you know it.

Introduce Some New Positive Influences Into Your Life

There is a common saying that we ‘are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with’. What this means is that we tend to mimic the behaviours and overall mindsets of those we are closest to in our lives.

But what if for this year, you could benefit from some fresh influences and perspectives in your life? Specifically, people who will motivate you, help you build confidence and overall have a positive impact on you.

Some ways to meet people could include joining a support group for an issue you’re struggling with or starting a new fitness class. If you’re feeling confident, you could even attend networking classes or other free events where you can learn new skills and meet new people.

Outside of meeting new people, think about the content you immerse yourself in online. Social media isn’t always the healthiest place to be or even the best way to spend your time. Instead, motivational podcasts, books and YouTube channels can all give you (free!) ways to improve your mindset.

Stop Comparing Your Journey To Others

You can only live your life based on your own personal journey. Deep down we all know this, yet that doesn’t stop us from comparing ourselves to people we know or even unattainable people such as celebrities.

These comparisons aren’t helpful, and ultimately, won’t help you get to where you need to be this year. Plus as we noted above, not everything you see on social media is always what it seems!

Instead, bring the focus back to you and your goals this January. Whether you want to get your finances to a healthier place, including learning how to manage your money more confidently - this New Year is all about you.

So forget about unhelpful comparisons about where you are at now in life or with your finances. That’s because this January, you’re going to adopt a healthy mindset to make progress at your own pace.

Ask For Help If You Need It

We all get caught up looking after others as busy parents, carers and any other scenario that happens to apply to you. But did you know that to be able to help others, you first need to help yourself?

If you’re worried about money especially, this can lead to poor mental health including stress and anxiety. Money worries can even interfere with our sleep and this can take its toll. So if you’re struggling with anything right now, that’s all the more recent to concentrate on your health and wellbeing needs in the New Year.

For any issues you can’t face alone, speak to your GP about accessing counselling or similar support. Those on a low income may also qualify for free or heavily discounted therapy sessions.

But on a day-to-day basis, you may benefit from learning some relaxation techniques, having a walk in nature or even meeting up with friends for a catch up. Whatever you enjoy doing, just make sure you don’t leave it too long between your next ‘me time’ session. Likewise, reach out for the relevant support if you need it.

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We want to wish all our customers and everyone else reading this post a happy New Year.

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