Money Saving Apps

July 20, 2023 • Chris Bardsley

Money Saving Apps

During busy times like the school summer holidays, it can be difficult to think ahead and plan how to save for future expenses like Back to School season or even Christmas. But the sooner you put a plan in place, the sooner you can start seeing the results.

For some people though, saving may be easier said than done. If you’ve struggled to save money up to now - money saving apps could be a game-changer.

Various money apps now exist that allow you to round up purchases to the nearest pound and automatically transfer the extra cash to a savings account. Some money saving apps can also give you insights into how you spend your money to help you identify any areas for improvement.

With savings also acting as a financial safety net, any extra money could make all the difference if you have any unexpected expenses to deal with.

While it’s important to do independent research before using any money saving app, here are some of the top apps available to help you save cash in the UK.

Chase Round-Up Account

Chase is an American bank that recently entered the UK market.

As the name suggests, the Chase Round-Up Account allows you to round up the difference between each full pound you spend. This extra cash will be placed into the account.

Over time, this can amount to lots of extra cash without you having to really think about it.

Chase will also give your round-up balance of 5% AER (4.89% gross)* to help those savings along.

Available through a dedicated app, you can also create goals with the Chase Round-Up Account to track your progress.

*Data sourced from company website - correct as at July 2023


Cleo is different to most savings apps in that yes, you can also do round-ups of your purchases and set savings goals.

However, Cleo goes much further acting as your personal finance coach. Known as ‘the money app that roasts you’, Cleo will review every single purchase you spend, and won’t hold back if it thinks you’re not making good financial decisions.

In short, Cleo is a good savings app to try if you don’t mind the app being quite direct, especially if you find regular banking apps confusing or uninspiring.

A huge advantage of using Cleo is that it definitely makes saving money fun. There’s also no other savings app on the market that will directly tell you where you’re going wrong with your money.

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If you’re looking to track your finances beyond savings specifically, then Plum could be a great option to hit all of your goals.

Plum has an autosave account, but it also tells you how your finances are doing in your current account, plus any pensions or investments you may have.

Although learning to save might be a big mountain to climb on its own, Plum helps you to see the long term picture across your finances as a whole.

So if you feel confident to tackle other areas of your financial security beyond savings, don’t be afraid to branch out by using Plum.


Revolut’s ‘Budgeting and Analytics’ helps you to save money by organising all of your bills while encouraging you to cancel any unnecessary subscriptions.

How Revolut works is through open banking. This means it connects to all of your bank accounts, to give you full visibility of how you’re doing financially as a whole.

If you upgrade to Revolut ‘Vaults’, you can autosave your money through the app and earn up to 3.44% AER* which is paid daily. The app also allows you to make cash deposits as well as autosaving.

In addition, Revolut has accounts for those under 18s, including junior and teen savings accounts. So if you have kids, why not get everyone on board with saving money?

*Data sourced from company website - correct as at July 2023


Snoop gives you a broader overview of your finances. It lets you know where all of your money is going, and can even make sure you’re not overpaying on your bills.

In a nutshell, Snoop is a budgeting and a savings app, rather than being one or the other.

Interestingly, Snoop gives you the ability to check out your bills and see if it’s possible to cut these down. You’ll also be given special deals for being a member of Snoop, which could see you paying less on your energy and utility bills.

The Snoop app is a great option for anyone who finds money management stressful. Particularly if you’re not good at tracking energy price changes or even refunds that may be due, as Snoop automates all of the work for you.

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Are Money Apps Safe?

On the whole, yes, money saving apps are safe to use.

Though as we mentioned at the start, you should always do your independent research to check if you’re happy to go ahead since most apps will require you to connect your bank account and enter personal details.

Some tips for keeping safe when using money apps:

  • Check if the app is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

  • Make sure the app is designed for UK users, meaning it will need to follow our UK data protection laws.

  • Use secure and unique passwords for every app you use.

  • Don’t allow anyone else to have access to your banking or money apps.

  • Look out for apps which use fingerprint or face recognition technology, meaning only you can access your account.

  • Some money saving apps offer FSCS protection which will protect you if that financial institution fails.

  • You may also wish to read user reviews before downloading any apps.

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