What is Fair for You?

Fair for You is your new alternative to high cost weekly payment stores & the UK’s No.1 Trusted Flexible Credit Provider.

You buy now directly from our suppliers by taking out a loan from us today, and then pay later in flexible instalments. You pay what you can afford, when you can afford it and the faster you pay it off, the less you pay.

  • It’s quick & easy – from application to installation within 3 days for all kitchen items!
  • Then pay for it weekly, monthly or fortnightly to suit your pocket.
  • Plus FREE delivery & removal service all across the UK


We were getting pretty tired of seeing companies profit from pressuring families to pay extra fees as part of their weekly payment agreement. So, we stood up and started to shout about it.

When we shouted people started to listen, and now we have a team put together that will strive to give you fair repayment options.

What you see today is a rapidly growing, not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), supported and designed by you. This means that we answer to you, and only to you. The customer.

We’re using the power of business to bring about social change, and are members of Social Enterprise UK.

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Improve Your Credit Rating 

How you can improve your credit rating through getting an item on finance through Fair for You.

Loan Calculator

See approximately how much interest you will pay on your loan with our Loan Calculator.

How to Apply

It’s quick & easy to apply for a loan with Fair for You…details in the link.

Sound too good to be true? Check out our “Excellent” rating out of 2000+ customer reviews