Missed Payment

Missed your loan payment?

Fair for You is committed to helping you to stay in control of your finances.

If you miss a payment we will text you to tell you.

We will try to retake the payment, sometimes we find there has been a delay in money with your bank.

We will call you to try to speak with you, though we will not harass you.

We will try to help, and if you need to make up your payment another week or by increasing your payments very slightly, then we can do this.

If you prefer to change your payment date, or move the payments in line with other income, then we will naturally be pleased to do so.

We will not apply any late fees.

You can make a payment securely on line at any time ………click here

You cannot apply for another loan whilst you are in arrears.

We will continue to write to you and call you if you have not been able to catch up your loan payments

We would strongly recommend that you seek debt advice if you are unable to pay your loan

After 30 days in arrears, we will issue a formal default notice to confirm the actions we may take regarding your loan..

We will update your credit file to reflect the situation accurately. This may affect your credit rating.

We will continue to try to speak with you to help resolve your situation, and we have many customers who come back onto repayment, and afterwards are able to apply for a further loan.

If we cannot resolve the repayment of your loan with you:

  • We will not send the bailiffs in
  • We will not sell your debt to anyone else
  • We will on all occasions apply for a court judgement so that other lenders can see the situation very clearly
  • We will on all occasions pursue repayment from your benefits or your salary if you are working through an attachment of earnings


We will only add on costs we incur, we will not seek to make a profit from your difficulties in repaying your loan.

We will pursue all loans for repayment in full.

We do not believe it is fair for our customers who pay their loans, to pay higher interest rates to subsidise other customers who don’t repay their loan.