Loan Application Walkthrough

How to Apply for a Fair for You Loanshop kitchen or living button

Step 1. From the Main Page, choose the supplier
(for example “shop living” or “shop kitchen”)

Step 2. Put the item in your basket
you’ll be automatically taken to the loan application page

Step 3. Choose how much you want to pay
You can always adjust this later.

Step 4. Submit your application
You may be asked to provide online bank statements through our open bank partner oohMoolah.  This is a safe and secure process which helps us make a quick decision on your application.  Sharing your bank statements is more likely to result in us being able to grant you the loan you need.

Once submitted you will hear from the Loans team within a day. 

Want Another Loan?

You’re eligible to apply for another loan if you are:
  • up to date with your current loans, and
  • have repaid a 1/3 of each loan OR, have paid off your loans entirely
  • for up to 3 loans at a time
To make one-off early payments, you can now make a payment online in your account dashboard
 This will also reduce the amount of interest on your loan and pay your loan off quicker

Looking for a Bank Account to Pay? 

Try U Account – the non-bank current account that doesn’t discriminate.

U’s online application takes no more than a couple of minutes, and there’s no credit check involved. Once you’re set up, you’ll get a prepaid Mastercard® card for making payments in-store or online, plus access to direct debits, cashback points and lots of handy budgeting tools to help you keep your finances on track.

Good Payers Clubgood-payers-club-shop-window

You are automatically invited into the Good Payers Club when:

  • you’ve been with us for more than 6 months and
  • have made your loan payments on time

In the Good Payers Club you will get access to phones, laptops, Smart TVs, game consoles and a wider range of household furniture.