Top Tips for Budget-Friendly Family Outings This Summer

June 21, 2024 • Chris Bardley

Top Tips for Budget-Friendly Family Outings This Summer

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Discover a range of affordable and accessible activities across the UK to enjoy with your family this summer. From exploring local parks and museums to attending community events and festivals, these tips will help you make the most of your time together without breaking the bank. Learn to find the best deals, utilise local resources, and plan cost-effective outings that create lasting memories.


Summer is a fantastic time to create lasting memories with your family. Still, it can also be a season of high expenses. Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy family outings without overspending. This guide explores various budget-friendly activities and resources across the UK, ensuring your summer is fun-filled and affordable.

Exploring Local Parks and Nature Reserves

The UK boasts a wealth of beautiful parks and nature reserves, many of which are free to enter. These natural spaces provide excellent opportunities for family picnics, walks, and outdoor games.

Top Recommendations:

  • Richmond Park, London: Home to herds of deer and vast open spaces, perfect for picnics and wildlife spotting.

  • Lake District National Park: Offers stunning scenery, hiking trails, and family-friendly activities.

  • Peak District National Park: Features picturesque landscapes and a range of outdoor activities suitable for all ages.

Visiting Free Museums and Galleries

Many museums and galleries across the UK offer free entry, providing educational and entertaining experiences for the whole family.

Top Recommendations:

  • British Museum, London: Explore thousands of years of history worldwide.

  • National Gallery, London: Home to an impressive collection of European paintings.

  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow: This museum offers a diverse range of exhibits, including art, history, and natural history.

Taking Advantage of Community Events and Festivals

Summer is a time for numerous community events and festivals, many of which offer free or low-cost entry. These events can provide a fun and festive atmosphere for families.

Finding Local Events:

  • Local Council Websites: Check your website for information on upcoming events.

  • Community Centres: Visit community centres to learn about neighbourhood activities.

  • Social Media: Follow local event pages and groups on social media platforms.

Enjoying the Seaside

The UK's coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches, many of which are perfect for a family day out. Pack a picnic, bring beach toys, and enjoy a day by the sea.

Top Recommendations:

  • Bournemouth Beach, Dorset: Known for its sandy shores and family-friendly facilities.

  • Blackpool Beach, Lancashire: Offers traditional seaside attractions and a lively pier.

  • St Ives, Cornwall: A picturesque town with beautiful beaches and clear waters.

Utilising Discount Vouchers and Deals

Use discount vouchers and deals available online to save money on family outings. Websites such as Groupon and Wowcher offer discounts on various attractions and activities.

Tips for Finding Deals:

  • Daily Deal Websites: Regularly check websites like Groupon and Wowcher for the latest offers.

  • Newsletter Subscriptions: Subscribe to newsletters from local attractions and activity providers to receive exclusive discounts.

  • Loyalty Programs: Join loyalty programs at places you frequently visit to earn rewards and discounts.

Planning Cost-Effective Outings

Planning can help you save money and maximise your family outings. Consider the following tips:

Travel Costs:

  • Public Transport: Use public transport instead of driving to save on fuel and parking costs. Look out for family travel passes.

  • Carpooling: If driving, consider carpooling with friends or family to share the costs.

Food and Drink:

  • Picnics: Prepare and bring your own food to avoid expensive restaurant bills.

  • Water Bottles: Carry refillable water bottles to stay hydrated without buying drinks.

Activity Supplies:

  • Reusable Items: Bring reusable items such as picnic blankets, containers, and utensils to reduce costs and waste.

  • Second-Hand Equipment: Purchase second-hand sports or outdoor equipment to save money.


With some planning and creativity, it's possible to enjoy a summer filled with fun family outings without straining your budget. By exploring local parks, museums, community events, and beaches, using discounts, and planning ahead, you can create wonderful experiences that your family will cherish. Enjoy the summer and make the most of the many affordable activities the UK has to offer!

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