Everything You Need to Know about the Iceland Food Club Loan from Fair for You

January 11, 2023 • Chris Bardsley

At Fair for You, we’re committed to ensuring that people from all backgrounds can access credit without having to pay over the odds for it. We’re a not-for-profit organisation that exists solely to benefit the people we serve.

To ensure people can access food all year round, we’ve teamed up with Iceland to offer a Food Club Card. The Iceland Food Club Card is essentially an interest-free loan that can be used in-store and online at Iceland and The Food Warehouse locations nationwide.

Here, we explain everything you need to know about the Iceland Food Club Card, including how to apply for and repay the prepaid card loan.

What is the Iceland Food Club Card?

Our Iceland Food Club Card enables you to stock up your freezer and food cupboards using a card preloaded with an amount between £25 and £75.

The Food Club Card can be topped up at certain points during the year, in line with the school holidays - helping you ensure your family never goes hungry.

These prepaid cards work just like any other loan. You agree to a repayment schedule and payments are taken from the agreed date.

It is important to remember that these repayments are not linked to any spending on your prepaid Iceland Food Club Card. So, you will be charged per your repayment schedule, regardless of whether you have used the card. When and how you spend the credit is your choice - ensuring flexibility.

Where can you use the Food Club Card?

You can use the Food Club Card in any Iceland or The Food Warehouse store or on the Iceland website - giving you greater flexibility over how and where you shop.

Can you use our Iceland Food Club Card when shopping online?

Yes, to use the Food Club Card online, simply input your card’s details at the checkout - like you would your debit or credit card details.

Iceland Food Club Loan - how to apply online

To apply for an Iceland food card, head to the Food Club Card section of our website here. Once you’ve chosen your initial top-up amount and accepted the terms and conditions, you’ll be taken to a new page to finalise the application.

Apply here

No unfair hidden fees. No triple-figure interest rates. And no judgement.

How much can you apply for?

With a Food Club Card, you can apply for a prepaid card with an interest-free loan between £25 and £75.

You can have up to £100 credit on your card at any time, with regular top-up windows available around the school holidays - check your customer dashboard for details about the next window.

Will applying affect my credit score?

As with similar loan-type applications, we will perform a credit search that will show on your credit file and could affect your credit score.

Will your loan application be accepted?

Although Fair for You was set up to ensure people can access fair credit rates, we’re unable to guarantee each application will be accepted.

When will you receive your Food Club Card?

Once your loan agreement is in place, we will get your Food Club Card out to you as quickly as possible, so you can use it in Iceland or The Food Warehouse.

Although we try to send your card as soon as we can, please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

Repaying your Iceland Food Club Card loan

Repayments are set at £10 per week until paid off, so if you borrow £55 on a Food Club Card, you’ll repay £10 per week for five weeks and the final £5 on the sixth week.

When applying for your Iceland Food Club Card, we’ll ask which day of the week you want your repayments to be taken. This is to give you greater flexibility and help you budget for the week ahead.

To give you more freedom over how you pay off your loan, you can repay early with no penalty fees and even request a change to your repayment day. You can do both of these on your customer dashboard.

What happens if you miss a repayment?

While we want to give you flexibility when repaying your Food Club loan, we appreciate that your situation may change.

If you do miss a repayment, we will work with you to arrange an affordable payment plan and help you get back on track where possible.

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