Euronics Teams Up with Fair for You to Make Your Home Happier!

February 14, 2024 • Chris Bardsley

Euronics Teams Up with Fair for You to Make Your Home Happier!

We've got some fantastic news that's going to make shopping for your home a whole lot easier and more accessible. Euronics, your go-to for all things electrical, is joining forces with Fair for You, the champions of fair and friendly lending. Together, we're on a mission to make sure that everyone can fill their homes with the appliances they need, without the stress and strain on their wallets.

Say Goodbye to Appliance Poverty

Did you know that over a million people in the UK are struggling without essential household appliances? Whether it's a fridge that's seen better days or a washing machine that's given up the ghost, not everyone can easily replace these critical items. That's where our new partnership comes into play. Fair for You is all about lending a helping hand, offering affordable and ethical ways to get your hands on the appliances you need, without the fear of sky-high interest rates.

Making a Difference, One Appliance at a Time

Since 2015, Fair for You has been a lifesaver for over 83,000 customers, dishing out more than 250,000 loans that add up to a whopping £70 million. They're not just about the numbers; they're about real people. As a charity-owned lender, their goal is to fight poverty and make life a bit brighter for everyone.

Local Heroes, Nationwide

We're thrilled to pieces about this partnership. Why? Because both Euronics and Fair for You are all about the power of community. The Euronics Agents are the heart and soul of local high streets across the UK, always ready to lend a hand and support our neighbourhoods.

A Perfect Pair

Chris Bennett from Fair for You puts it perfectly: “We want to provide our customers, who often find that mainstream lenders and retailers do not serve them, with choice and a wide range of products from a wide range of retailers, so they can find the product that truly meets their needs. Partnering with Euronics is a perfect fit, not just because of its product range, but because of our shared values of supporting local communities, which means we can build a strong relationship for us and our customers.”

Shop Your Way, Stress-Free

Ready for the cherry on top? When you shop with us, you'll get to enjoy a tailor-made Euronics website, courtesy of Fair for You. You can pay your way – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – and change up your payment plan whenever you need, fee-free. And for those who like to stay ahead, you can even pay a bit extra whenever you fancy.

Join the Club

First-time customers, we've got something special for you. Start with a 'Core' loan for those big, must-have appliances, and as you keep up with repayments, you'll unlock access to our 'Good Payers Club.' This means even more products and choices.

More Than Just Loans

Our partnership is about more than just lending. It's about making real, positive changes in your lives. From reducing stress to helping you feel in control of your finances, we're here to support you in more ways than one.

Excited? So are we! To learn more about Fair for You and how you can become part of the Euronics family, check out Fair for You or drop us a line. Let's make your home the happy, comfortable place it deserves to be, together.

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