Are You Afraid To Check Your Bank Account?

February 12, 2024 • Chris Bardsley

Are You Afraid To Check Your Bank Account?

In our recent guides, Fair For You CEO Simon Dukes advised everyone to check their bank statements regularly. This is so you can keep on top of your bills, or even cancel some subscriptions you no longer use to save money.

But if we rewind a second, what if checking your bank account is something you avoid because of the way it makes you feel?

It’s not uncommon to feel anxious, stressed or afraid when dealing with your finances, especially if you are struggling.

If any of this sounds familiar, then this post is for you. Today we want to help you conquer your fear so that you can manage your money with confidence!

Recognise Your Emotions

Whatever feelings you experience when you go to check your bank balance - have you ever stopped to think about where these emotions come from?

Granted, having a low bank balance is naturally a worrying time for anyone. But often, there can be other emotions attached based on how we view ourselves, and even past experiences we have had relating to money.

Don’t forget, it can also be a huge strain if others rely on us financially, but we are struggling to manage ourselves. This is completely understandable, and you can work through things.

As we’ve mentioned before on the blog, your bank balance does not reflect your self-worth. This means that regardless of how much money you have, you are still deserving of health, support and happiness. But it does take some reflection to realise this so that you can move past how you currently feel.

Use Your Bank Balance As Motivation

Spoiler alert: Did you know that just because you’re struggling with money now, this doesn’t mean things will always be this way?

Say your bank balance is lower than is ideal. Realistically, the only way to change this is to get clued up about your incomings and outgoings so that you can make progress. So rather than seeing checking your bank balance as a huge stress - it’s actually a real-time monitor of your progress. Each small step you take is heading the right way.

Even if things are looking worrying today, your bank balance will at least tell you exactly what’s going on, so that you can take steps to address things. Although it might be difficult to process at first, this information can actually be of huge help if you let it.

You can also use any negative emotions as inspiration to keep on track with your finances, because you know you want things to change. A healthier financial outcome really is possible if you use your energy in the right way, especially when things are tough.

Don’t Bottle Things Up

Being afraid to check your bank account, or find out all your debts is extremely common, not least since the Cost of Living crisis.

If you are losing sleep over your finances, or are experiencing poor negative health, then it’s really important to share these worries with others. Alongside speaking with friends and family, there are various organisations including StepChange and MoneyHelper who can lend a confidential and friendly ear.

Often, just speaking about the issues you are experiencing can make a huge difference in releasing the weight from your shoulders. Talking to others can also provide clarity to help you move forward.

Remember, there is absolutely no shame in experiencing financial difficulties, and as we’ve mentioned, money worries are far more common than you think.

Fair for You - Discover Our Flexible Loans

Your challenge today is to check your bank account with confidence and to get in the habit of checking how much money you have every day. With the most difficult step taken care of, you can move ahead with your day knowing you are taking charge of your finances.

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