Fair For You Difference

Your needs have been the driving force behind Fair for You.

Straightforward Prices with No Hidden Fees

No deposit needed, No early payment fees, No hidden fees at all!

Prices are as close to high street prices as we can get them

Price includes free nationwide delivery to your home – for kitchen appliances you can choose free recycling of your old item

 Open 7 Days a Week

…and we aim to respond within an hour when we are open

Monthly Updates on your Loan

If you want to speak to someone about it directly, contact us on 0333 433 0739.

Flexible Repayment Plan

You choose your repayments in line with your income and budget

A Quick & Easy Online Process

Loans are processed straight away that same day.

You may be asked to provide online bank statements through our open bank partner oohMoolah.  This is a safe and secure process which helps us make a quick decision on your application.  Sharing your bank statements is more likely to result in us being able to grant you the loan you need.

You then sign a contract with us via your phone, tablet or laptop.

Make Over-payments

You can pay ahead, no charge, to reduce your overall interest & pay off the loan more quickly.

Make one off payments here.

Interest is 3.75% per Month

…so the faster you pay your loan, the less you pay overall.

See for yourself our customer reviews. Or learn more, see how we are run.

We’re still improving, so talk to us. You have been telling us what you want from the start, so keep it coming.