Fair For You Difference

Your needs have been the driving force behind Fair for You.

fair for you difference young womanYou asked for a clear price on each product, with nothing hidden…
We’ll give you a straightforward price, and no hidden fees.

You wanted a monthly update on your loan…
We’ll send you an email or text update when you want it.

You told us that you were tired of being overcharged when you buy things on credit…
We’ll make sure our prices are competitive with the high street, live and real-time.

You said you don’t have all day to deal with paperwork…
We process your application quickly, all through your smart phone, tablet or laptop – no lengthy paperwork.

We know, we know. Sounds too good to be true, right?

See for yourself our customer reviews. Or see how we are run – it’s so straightforward, we can’t believe no one else is doing it!

If you trust us already, then go right ahead and start shopping.

What we mean when we say…

…You’re the driving force behind Fair for You

We don’t have any shareholders. That puts you, the customer, as our number one priority.

We host evenings every once in a while with pizza and drinks, so that we can listen directly to the people we’re helping. If you have time, get in touch. And if you don’t have time – email us a quick hello, and let us know what you want to see.

If you’re happy, we’re happy. It’s as simple as that.

A lot different ( from other credit companies). The prices, the service, the delivery time,everything! There is no forcing you, no nagging you to get on with it. They let you take your time and pick your own choice” 

Fair-For-You-mother-and-child2…No hidden fees

No deposit
No admin fees
No fees for repaying early
No delivery costs
No cost for taking away your old items

No compulsory extended warranty – unless you want it
No compulsory insurance – unless you want it

Use our Loans Calculator to work out what you’ll owe.

It was clear what was and wasn’t included. I noticed I didn’t have to pay insurance and set up fees and they told me that, it was clear from the beginning. It told you what you had to pay straight off” 

 … Competitive prices

The maximum interest rate we are permitted to charge is 3% per month on the outstanding loan balance. See how we compare with others using the Loan Calculator.

And another thing – no one will ever try to make you buy something you don’t want or need. This is because no one on our team is paid by commission, so the choice is entirely yours. Not ours.

FFY has got a different attitude to lending, their interest rate does it for them, it’s not high, even people on benefits can afford it, it’s affordability. You are not forever paying off the interest.” 

…updates on your loan

You wanted to know what you’re paying and when, so tell us what you want to know and when, and we’ll text or email you.

If you want to speak to someone about it directly, contact us on 0333 433 0739.

…a flexible repayment plan

You can pay ahead (or even a little extra each week) to pay off your loan early, no charge, to reduce your overall interest.

Make one off payments here.

“Brilliant, fantastic, it  (website) brings it all down for you so you know over each loan period what you would have to pay and then you can look at your finances to cover that.” 

 …all done online & over the phone

You can do everything from the comfort of your own home, or while you’re waiting for bus, or waiting to pick up kids from school. Loans are processed straight away that same day. You sign a contract with us via your phone, tablet or laptop mouse and away we go.

I found it very convenient, found it very simple as well, was surprised how simple it was . I found it good to do online. I have never done anything so easy, so quick… Normally you have to wait for decisions.” 

We’re still improving, so talk to us. You have been telling us what you want from the start, so keep it coming.