Limited Time Only

We have a range of TVs available which can be found here.


Looking for more Televisions?

We have a range of TVs and Smart TVs available –  however they are only available to customers who are members of the Good Payers Club, which you are invited into automatically when we see 6 months of good payments from our customers.

You can find more information on getting a Television here.

You are automatically invited into the Good Payers Club when:

  • you’ve been with us for more than 6 months OR
  • you’ve paid off your first item with us AND
  • have made your loan payments on time

Members can enjoy benefits including:

  • A wider range of items
  • Technology like laptops & tablets*
  • Entertainment like Smart TV s & games consoles (such as Play Station 4)
  • Priority access to limited and special offers
  • Exclusive competitions

We don’t have Ipads, Ipods or any mobiles available at Fair for You at this time. Items like PlayStation 4 are there while stocks last.