Pay Weekly TVs

Looking to Pay Weekly for TVs?

Get TV’s on finance that offer high definition resolution for the best viewing experience in sizes ranging from the space saving 20” to the family sized 50” TV sets. Some of the televisions come installed with DVD players to save on external players.

With the Smart TV’s you can access your social media and all your favourite android apps and games directly to the TV! Plus programmes on Netflix, SkyGo, Amazon Prime and NowTV are easily accessed. Simply connect the Smart TV to your router using the built in Wi-Fi and experience a new world of TV entertainment.

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“Had never heard of this company until a friend told me about it. Simple, easy to understand, helpful and friendly staff, great price (especially compared to another similar mainstream company, BH). Would definitely recommend to anyone! It’s about time there was a company around that didn’t exploit people with lower income – thanks.”

Alison, Fair For You Customer

Members of Fair For You’s Good Payers Club can access a wider range of services, like access to holidays and Dunelm vouchers.

To take advantage of our holidays on finance, you must:

  • have been with us for more than 6 months OR
  • paid off your first item with us AND
  • have made your loan payments on time

With a wide range of household appliances and furniture available to everyone, you can build up your eligibility for the Good Payers Club by buying your essential items with us.

From new sofas to dining tables, we have everything you need to furnish your living space, creating the perfect place to relax and enjoy some family time. We have the essentials covered too, from washing machines to cookers and fridge-freezers.

Once you’re a Fair for You customer and you meet the criteria above, you will gain access to everything the Good Payers Club has to offer.

How Do I Log Into the Good Payers Club

If you’re already a member of our Good Payers Club, there’s no need to wait. Log in below to start shopping for your new TV.

Membership of the Good Payers Club does not guarantee that a loan application will be accepted. 

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