Looking for Televisions a few sizes up?

The TVs on the main high street for any customer are from 22 – 32″ in size.

Our suppliers have a range of larger TVs and Smart TVs in store,  however they are only available to customers who are members of the Good Payers Club, which you are invited into automatically when we see 4-6 months of good payments from our customers.

You can find more information on getting a Television here.

You are automatically invited into the Good Payers Club when:

  • you’ve been with us for more than 6 months OR
  • you’ve paid off your first item with us AND
  • have made your loan payments on time

Members can enjoy benefits including:

  • A wider range of items
  • Technology like laptops & tablets*
  • Entertainment like Smart TV s & games consoles (such as Play Station 4)
  • Priority access to limited and special offers
  • Exclusive competitions

We don’t have Ipads, Ipods or any mobiles available at Fair for You at this time. Items like PlayStation 4 are there while stocks last.