COVID-19 Help

If you have suffered a loss of income due to Covid-19 we are able to offer reduced payment plans and deferred payments to assist during this period

Please note that interest on your loan will still be charged daily on the account

Holidays on Finance

As a member of the Fair For You Good Payers Club, you can access a range of holidays on finance through our partners. Our holidays are only available to members — to join the club, you must have:

  • been with us for more than 6 months OR
  • paid off your first item with us AND
  • made your loan payments on time

New to Fair For You and want to join the Good Payers Club? Unfortunately, you’ll need to meet the above criteria before you can.

You may have to wait a little longer before you can book your holiday, but it’s worth the wait as you’ll be able to enjoy fairer, flexible finance on your getaway.

“I had been a customer of Brighthouse for many years, but after my washing machine was past economical repair I searched for an alternative and that’s where I found Fair For You, and I’m glad I did!

I applied, and was accepted in a matter of hours (if even that) – and the best was yet to come. With Brighthouse you pay almost double what you borrow back, and you pay over inflated prices for the item too. With Fair For You, I’m buying direct from the manufacturer (Hotpoint) and paying back a fraction of what I would at Brighthouse/Perfect Home.

I’ll put it this way, at Brighthouse etc. I’d be paying the same monthly amount for 24 months. At Fair For You I’m paying slightly less a month over 12 months!”

Charlie, Fair For You Customer

Our range of furniture and appliances, including cookers, washing machines and fridge freezers, is available to everyone. Whether you’ve just moved house and need to furnish it or are looking for appliances you can rely on to replace older models, we have all of the essentials you need.

Purchase the things you need now with Fair For You and once you meet the above criteria, we’ll invite you to join our Good Payers Club. We send out invites every month; you’ll receive yours as soon as possible and once you do, you’ll have access to our holidays.

Take a look at our customer reviews to find out how we’ve helped other customers.

How Do I Log Into the Good Payers Club

If you’re already a member of our Good Payers Club, there’s no need to wait. Log in below to start shopping for your holiday.

Membership of the Good Payers Club does not guarantee that a loan application will be accepted. 

Your username is your customer number or email
You can find this in any emails from If you can’t find it then ask us on livechat, facebook, give us a call or drop us an email:

Your password is your National insurance number – it then asks you to change this
(with the letters in capitals, no dashes, no spaces)

If you forget your password please click on ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the log in screen.

Login to Good Payers Club