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Which Tumble Dryer Should I Get? Vented VS Condenser Tumble Dryers On Finance


Our suppliers do a range of tumble dryers that you can get on finance, but which tumble dryer is right for you? With such a range to choose from it can be pretty daunting trying to find the right one for your home, so here’s a quick, handy guide on which tumble dryer to consider. tumble dryers

Vented Tumble Dryers

Pros: All the warm damp air from drying wet clothes goes outside, so you don’t have any humidity building up in the house. These tend to be the cheaper option to buy.

Cons: You’ll need the space for the hose to be connected to a wall or window vent leading to the outside.


Condenser Dryers 

Pros: If you don’t have room for the hose to go outside, Condenser Dryers are best. They have water tanks installed that collect all the excess warm damp air from drying clothes. This means Condenser Dryers can be installed anywhere in the house.

Cons: The water tank needs to be emptied when full. They are more expensive and have an average energy rating of B.

(To get an idea of how much this will cost to run check out

Features of Tumble Dryers

Lint Filters are found inside the door and catch all the bits of fluff from clothes, so it’s important to clean the filter after every cycle.

The Drum Size you need depends on the size of the family. In general 1kg = 5 shirts, so depending on your own families washing needs you should consider the amount of laundry you need to dry to determine the drum capacity needed. 7kg is considered about average.

tumble dryer on financeHumidity Sensors (also known as Automatic Drying) detect how damp the clothes are and stops the machine when it’s all dry – saving money over all.

Mechanical Timers can be found on cheaper dryers, and lets you choose the fabric type to set the drying time.


Through Fair for You, you can choose from a range of Tumble Dryers on Finance at prices, sizes and shades that suit all families.

Our suppliers at Whirlpool offer a range of Hotpoint & Indesit, Vented & Condensor Tumble Dryers of different shades and sizes to suit all families. Buy with Fair for You and you can pay weekly, monthly or fortnightly to suit you. Prices include free delivery & recycling within to all across the UK!


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