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Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating

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We see lots of people who think that they have no other option but high cost credit simply because their credit rating and credit score are low. In many cases, these people have demonstrated that they are capable of paying off debts and are already doing so.

At Fair for You we try to lend where we can see people making payments against their existing debt – even if you’ve had problems in the past, but it’s important that you make steps to improve your credit rating.

  1. Check your Credit Score

Check your credit rating even if you think it will be rubbish! Knowledge is power, so get a free credit check at


  1. Watch for Mistakes

Data duplications and errors, such as paid off credit still appearing on your account, can bring down your score and rating. Identify any mistakes and take action to get them sorted.


  1. Fill in the Application Correctly

When you apply for credit, make sure you put in the right details such as date of birth and past addresses. If the information you give lenders is wrong it could interrupt the process.


  1. Get Help

If you’re struggling with debt, speak to a debt advice agency and get help clearing it. It’s important that your future isn’t damaged by mistakes you’ve made in the past, so the sooner you pay off your debts, the better.


  1. Manage your Credit

If your credit score and rating aren’t as high as you’d like them to be, there are usually things you can do to improve them. Identify what’s dragging you down and create a plan for tackling problems head on.

Get to know your credit rating so that you can take control of them, rather than letting them control you.


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