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Do Second Hand Washing Machines Really Save You Money?


When buying refurbished and second hand washing machines, yes, it might be cheaper to buy a good brand, second hand. And if they are reliable, great.

But washing machines can be destroyed in less than a year of misuse, and you can’t ask a washing machine how much they’ve been used.

You can ask the seller, but who knows how good their memory is?

And fixing them up can be a hassle. Parts can be too expensive or difficult to get hold of (if you get them at all).

So you’re running the risk of a washing machine with a shorter life span. You may need to buy a new one pretty soon.


How Can Buying New Save You Money?

You probably alrenergy ratingeady know that buying an item with better energy ratings can save you money on utility bills. And as of 2014, energy efficiency ratings have been from A+++ to a minimum of A. Using less energy = lower utility bills. 

When you buy new, you could be saving in other areas that you might not be thinking about:

  1. With some new models, the dryer stops drying when it detects that the laundry is dry, so it doesn’t keep using energy to run.
  1. Washing machines and dishwashers use up less water, so the metre won’t be as high.
  2. And of course, new items last longer. The newer the product, the longer it’ll run for without needing repairs. On average, replacement is after 12.5 years for a fridge and 12 years for a washing machine.


So How Much Do You Save Buying New?

Fridge freezers run 24 hours a day, and washing machines and dishwashers are used daily using large amounts of water and energy.

By 2020, the government estimates annual net savings to the UK economy of £850 million per year on energy saving labels and standards on new household appliances.

To find out what you could save personally from buying a new item, check out this energy saving calculator.


Information from the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s report on ‘Energy efficient products – helping us cut energy use’, July 2014.


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