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Real vs Faux Leather Sofas

Deciding which fabric to use for your sofa? 

Fair for You now has a range of sofas in the Good Payers Club, which customers are invited into after 6 months of good payments.

There are great benefits to Faux & Real Leather sofas, so we’ve created this list to help you understand the pros and cons of each and to help you make a decision.

Real Leather


  • Smell & feels good
  • Will last and arguable looks more distinguished with age
  • Breathable, lets air pass through it



  • Expensive – it comes from an animal which means some parts of the hide isn’t suitable, which leads to a lot of waste & therefore expensive material.
  • It comes from an animal so isn’t considered environmentally friendly
  • High maintenance – needs regular waxing to keep its gloss
  • Leather tends to stretch with use, so expect wrinkles & fading


Faux Leather



  • More affordable
  • More environmentally friendly – no animals harmed
  • Very low maintenance with no regular care needed – wipe clean and waterproof options available, perfect for big families with small children.
  • More durable and long lasting, it won’t crack or fade like real leather.
  • It’s a man-made material, so you can get the colour and look you want.



  • It isn’t leather
  • Material is not breathable
  • Can get punctured more easily


Ultimately you’ll want the sofa which will last, so consider the amount of people that will be using the sofa and your lifestyle before choosing between Leather or Faux Sofas.

With Fair for You you can choose from a great range of Sofas on Finance at prices, sizes and styles that suit all families. Our suppliers offer a range of top quality sofas which you can pay for in flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

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Fair for You is a new alternative to high cost credit when buying items for your home.

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We were double award winners at Consumer Credit Awards including Consumer Credit Champion, and we are rated “Excellent” 5/5* on Trust Pilot.

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Step 2. Put the item in your basket
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Step 3. Choose how much you want to pay & when
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