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If you have suffered a loss of income due to Covid-19 we are able to offer reduced payment plans and deferred payments to assist during this period

Please note that interest on your loan will still be charged daily on the account

Preparing for Christmas with Fair for You

Christmas is a huge expense for anyone, from the ongoing household bills in the midst of colder weather, to the family dinner and presents on Christmas Day.

The holidays are just a few months away, so if you’ll be needing something for the house by Christmas, you’ll need to be eligible for another Fair for You loan.

Get Another Item for Christmas

If you want another item in time, make sure that you’re eligible. This means:

  • You’re up to date on all loans
  • You’ve paid 1/3 of all active loans

You cannot apply for another loan whilst you are in arrears.

Customers are eligible for another item once a third of ALL their loans has been paid.


Access to Electronic Goods

We also have a Good Payers Club, with access to game consoles, Smart TVs up to 44″, mobiles, tablets, a wider range of beds & sofas (including corner sofas) and more.

You’re automatically invited at 6 months of good payments, or after 4 months if you’ve cleared off the remaining loan balance before then.


Miss a Payment over the Holiday

We don’t know what life is going to throw at us at any given time, so our loans are flexible.

You pay whatever you can afford in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

You can also pay ahead (or even a little extra each week) so that you can miss a payment over the holiday period if you need to without incurring a penalty.

Make one off online payments here.

Remember – you are eligible to take a payment holiday only if you have already overpaid on the loan.



Making Extra Payments

    • Go Online to
  • Call Finance’s Payment team on 0333 433 0739
  • Email finance at
  • Requests changes to be made via facebook messaging, or via our websites Livechat



Get Extra £££ for Recommendations

Don’t forget, you get £5 off a loan for you and a friend for every person you recommend to Fair for You.

Simply log into your dashboard and copy and paste your personal link to all your friends:

When they buy through the link you get £5 every time!

So that’s £25 for 5 people…
£50 for 10 people…
you get the idea!

Or make sure the person you recommended mentions you by name when we call to confirm their loan.

More info here:



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