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If you have suffered a loss of income due to Covid-19 we are able to offer reduced payment plans and deferred payments to assist during this period

Please note that interest on your loan will still be charged daily on the account

5 Extra Benefits When You Pay A Little Extra on Your Loan

Pay a little extra and get a little extra on your Fair for You loan:

  • Get Another Item from Fair for You in Time for Christmaspayment-holidays

Once a third of the current loan has been repaid you are eligible for another one in time for Christmas!!

If you can get your application submitted the week before you’ll get your kitchen item in time for the holiday.



  • Have a Payment Holiday 

Money is tight around winter, so if you over pay a little bit now you can skip a payment later on without it affecting your account with us at all – but only if you are already overpaid on the loan, so it’s worth paying a little bit extra every week to give yourself that option if you ever need it.



  • The Faster You Pay the Less You Pay

Check out our Loan Calculator to see approximately how much interest you pay overall.



  • Get TVs, Laptops, Corner Sofas, PS4’s and MORE in the Good Payers Clubgood-payers-club-shop-window

If you’re lucky enough to also be in the Good Payers Club in time for Christmas you have a whole range of items to choose from! You will be invited into the Good Payers Club when:

You’ve never missed a payment


You’ve paid off your first loan and you’ve been us for at least 4 months


You’re up to date with loan repayments and have been with 6 months

  • Rebuild your Credit Rating

So far we have already helped these customers improve their credit rating. Why not apply today and join them?

Karen from Scotland said:

“I could not get credit due to past bad credit history and I felt trapped. I am so happy with the service and can honestly say it’s bettered my life – I feel more in control.

Chevaun from Bolton said:  

I’ve had a very bad credit rating and with my weekly low payments to Fair for You and never missing a payment has helped my credit score a great deal.

I think that you should promote Fair for You a little more so more people find out about you and can benefit from it.

I’m so happy that I discovered Fair for You.”


(Note: There is no guarantee that following these steps will increase your credit rating, but doing so should help you to build a strong credit history. Not making payments on time could affect your credit history negatively and stop you from obtaining further credit in the future.)


How to Pay A Little Extra

Call 0333 433 0739 to change your repayment amount to a little more each week, or ask us to give you a call via our websites Livechat, Facebook Messaging or Emailing

Alternatively you can make a secure online payment at any time to



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