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Managing Mums

Who would you say are the best with money in the country?

Bankers? Accountants? No!

In fact, it’s all you working mums who are the most effective money managers in the country…

We know that from research we’ve carried out together with Guy Shone from Explain the Market.

Of course, we at Fair for You already knew that. It’s mums who demonstrate the best haggling skills, juggling finances to make your money go further. That includes getting smaller loans and spending that money on essentials like washing machines and day-to-day goods.

As the school holidays start for many, one of our customers spoke to BBC Radio Gloucestershire, on her tips on managing money over the school holidays.

“Budget, budget, budget”, said Tannith, “plan what money you have that day, and base your spending on what you need rather than what you want, and pay that first.

And kids love being outside. Going to duck pond, the park, walking to the fields…they love it and it tires them out. Today we’re going to go Pokemon hunting at the park. Again.”

Listen to the interview here: 


If you have any money saving tips on keeping the kids entertained this week, let us know to enter the chance to win a gift from Fair for You!

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