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If you have suffered a loss of income due to Covid-19 we are able to offer reduced payment plans and deferred payments to assist during this period

Please note that interest on your loan will still be charged daily on the account

Loan Repayments On Insecure Work


Over 2.3 million people are working variable shift patterns, with an additional 1.1 million on temporary contracts and a further 800,000 on either zero hour or agency contracts, reveals new figures from Citizens Advice. 4.5million UK workers are in insecure work.

Insecure work is defined as employment that doesn’t have regular hours or shifts, which in turn makes it extremely difficult for those workers to manage budgets or plan for the future.

So what is Fair for You doing about it?
Martyn Passey is Payments Manager for Fair for You, and he says “it makes it very difficult for customers to be able to pay their loans on time every week when income fluctuates so much.

We have many customers who over pay their loan in case they are unable to pay one week. My work sees me contacting all customers if their payment is not received, and it’s often because of this. Unlike most companies we don’t charge late fees to make things worse, because we recognise how stressful this can be.”

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