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Feeling Lost on How to Improve Your Credit Score?

Doing everything you can to help your credit score, only to find there’s no improvement at all?

Many of our customers report feeling trapped by their credit history.

We met up with a few of them to hear what they had to say about their experiences with credit:

When talking about their experience with using high cost lenders in the past, Jessica says “they take advantage of vulnerable people who they know need money and they don’t think of the consequences for us.”

“Then you stay vulnerable,”says Rhonda. “Years ago I’d had Brighthouse, but now I’ve got a good job, but I can’t take out credit.”

They talked about feeling trapped in a cycle of paying back high interest loans on time, yet never seeing any improvement.

Emma says “I was told if I got a mobile phone it would help my credit rating…but it didn’t move at all.”

“I make payments on every single thing now that I’ve got or loaned and my credit rating isn’t rising at all. It isn’t showing that I’m paying anything.”


So How Fair for You Can Help?

Jasmine Birtles, BBC presenter, founder of Money Magpie & patreon of our charity Fair for You, says “these company’s need to be forced to give that information to help your credit rating.”

We’re doing what we can to raise this issue with regulators and government officials, but we need more information about what’s really going on to back us up.

Share your experiences in our 3 minute survey here.

This survey will take 3 minutes and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new kitchen appliance up to the value of £500 as a thank you!

If you’d like some advice on the steps you can be taking yourself, here’s Jasmine Birtles sharing advice on this:


 5 Tips on How to Clean Up Your Credit Score:

  1.  Pay ALL your bills on time
  2. Get on the Electoral Roll (weirdly, this helps!)
  3. Check your Credit Record regularly on Noddle, Call Credit and Experian
  4. Correct mistakes on the record – takes a few emails but it’s worth it!
  5. Don’t use any ‘Credit Cleaner’ services – they don’t.


Your Credit History & Fair for You

We get a lot of new customers asking us about whether we’d accept them based on their bad credit score.

Many are pleasantly surprised that we do not base our decisions based on credit history:

“I’d recommend them, definitely” said Jessica, “I was shocked at getting accepted”.

Emma agreed, “I thought this is a wind up!”

“I didn’t believe it until the delivery person was at the door!” said Rhonda, thinking there was no way she was going to pass with her credit rating.

We do credit check, but our decision isn’t only based on credit history. We like to look more at what kind of payer you are now.

(However, as a responsible credit provider if you are currently struggling with credit we don’t want to add to that, so you are unlikely to be able to borrow from Fair for You).

As a responsible lender we always want to help our customers to buy the things they need, so we’ll check every loan for affordability each time you apply.

You can check your eligibility for a loan here.


How to Improve Your Credit Score with Fair for You

We always report to Noddle, so check your credit score there. Follow these steps and you should see your credit rating improve.

  1. Set up payments to suit your budget
  2. Pay the minimum due on time
  3. Tell them if your circumstances change, we want to help
  4. Overpay – the faster the loan is paid the less you pay overall


Here is what our customers have to say about it:

Karen from Scotland said:

“I could not get credit due to past bad credit history and I felt trapped. I am so happy with the service and can honestly say it’s bettered my life – I feel more in control.

Chevaun from Bolton said:  

I’ve had a very bad credit rating and with my weekly low payments to Fair for You and never missing a payment has helped my credit score a great deal.

I think that you should promote Fair for You a little more so more people find out about you and can benefit from it.

I’m so happy that I discovered Fair for You.”

You can see more on how we’ve helped customers improve their credit score here


Don’t forget to take part in our 3 Minute Credit Score Survey for a chance to win a brand new Kitchen Appliance up to the value of £500 HERE 


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