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Getting Credit: Tracey’s Story


I’m living with my partner, and five children. Me and my partner have been together for years, but have never gotten married.

My eldest is 13, but he’s got autism so he’s quite hard work, and my 9-year old has been diagnosed with ADHD. The twins are nearly 3.

We manage by juggling the childcare between us, but as my partner works full-time, we also have to use childminders and nurseries.

My old fridge freezer wasn’t exactly broken, but it was on its last legs, and we didn’t want to be without one, especially as with the twins, you’ve got to have milk and things, and we couldn’t manage without one.

I saw the one that I wanted on Fair for You’s website, its big enough for our family, and applied for it. The whole process was so easy. It’s brilliant.

The interest is less than half with what I would pay with high street rent-to-own stores, and it’s a fixed term to suit me.

I know what I could afford to pay each week, so I thought I’d pay more than I need to each week, so it’s cleared off earlier. That way, I can get more things when I need it. I’m one of those people who wants to get one loan paid and cleared before I get another.

Before I’d come across Fair for You, there’s only the one weekly payments store in the town. I’ve used them before, and the interest rate is ridiculous.

It’s not as though my credit rating is that bad; I’ve got a car on finance, a credit card, but to get credit from the shops is really hard. And when you need something in a hurry and haven’t got the time to save the money, I’ve had to use the weekly payments store.

I’m lucky with my partner being in full-time work. A lot of my friends are a lot worse off than me, either because they’re single parents, so that can’t work, or they work but the jobs aren’t great, and they don’t pay well.

So if they want anything decent, they’ve got no choice than to go to the weekly payments store. Paying weekly is the only way they can afford it.  And they realise how expensive it is, but it’s the fact that sometimes up until now they didn’t have a choice. You’ve got to do it, no matter what you’re paying.

Having an alternative like Fair for You is brilliant – I’m delighted. I’d say definitely give Fair for You a try. Not only are their interest rates are significantly better than the weekly payment store, but you can also pay over the period that suits you, not them, which is brilliant.

– Tracey, Plymouth, June 2016

Tracey, not her real name, talking to Charlotte from Fair for You


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