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Get the most out of Fair for You

Here are 5 ways to make the most out of being a Fair for You customer.

I’m going to talk about competitions, the good payers club & getting another loan from us.

We know we’re different from everything else out there. That’s because we set out to be a new alternative to weekly payment stores.

So I’m just going to make sure you take full advantage of all the services and special offers we have at the moment.

1. Getting Another Loan

I get a lot of questions about applying for another loan.

You are eligible when you are:

  • up to date with your current loans, and
  • have repaid a 1/3 of each loan
  • OR, have paid off your loans entirely

So stay on top of payments and you’ll be eligible to apply for another loan.

Which brings me onto my 2nd Tip for making the most of Fair for You…

2. Making Payments

You can make one-off early payments using our secure online payment portal at

This will also reduce the amount of interest on your loan and pay your loan off quicker.

Added BONUS to this is that you can miss payments if you need to later on, so long as you are ahead with payments.

You don’t want to be in arrears, though, as this will affect future decision we make on the loan.

Just call us to adjust payments when you need to. We’re flexible!

And another reason you don’t want to be in arrears…

3. Good Payers Club

If you don’t know about it already, when you’re in the Good Payers Club you get access to larger TVs, Smart TVs, Laptops, PS4, Xbox One and more sofas and beds to choose from.

You are invited automatically when we see 6 months of Good Payments from our customers.

So if you miss payments, we will still need to see 6 months of good payments after the missed payment.


4. You Choose what you want to see

You can tell us what you want and we’ll try and get it!

You mentioned holidays so we are now negotiating to try and get these in stock.

Before that you wanted midsleepers, which is something we hadn’t even thought of, and now we’ve got a selection of them.

You’re always making suggestions, so keep them coming! We are listening and always do our best.


5. Competitions!

£5 for Recommendations – For every customer that you recommend you can get £5 off your loan with us. All they have to do is mention your name when we call them to confirm the loan!

So recommend 10 people and get £50 off your loan.

And if you’re in the Good Payers Club, you get £10 Off!

10 people and get £100 off your loan!

At this rate you can pay off your loan one recommendation at a time.

(Terms & Conditions here)

  • 25% off your loan for Surveys – we’re new, so we need all the feedback we can get to give you the service you want.

We’ll send you a link to our survey, so if you haven’t done it already, fill it in and send it off and you’ll be entered into a Prize Draw to win 25% Off the end of your fair for you loan! We pick a prize draw every month, so get on there to win March.

You’ll be entered into a prize draw to win £50 OFF the end of your loan as a thank you!  (terms & conditions here).

And that’s it – 5 Ways to make the most out of being a Fair for You Customer. Hope that was useful to you!

What you want to go and do now:

  1. Fill out our survey & leave a trust pilot review (if you haven’t already)
  2. Tell a friend!

Do get in touch! We’re on Livechat, Call us, email …we’ll get back to you.

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