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Gas or Electric Cooker on Finance?

Our suppliers at Whirlpool have a range of Gas or Electric Hotpoint and Indesit Cookers for you to choose from, which you can get on finance with Fair for You.

To help you decide which cooker features are essential to you, and which you can live without, we’ve created this handy guide around cookers.

Most freestanding cookers are 60cm wide, but if you’re squeezed for space, you can also find 55cm and 50cm wide models. All are roughly the same height and depth to fit a standard kitchen and line up with your worktops.

In general, Gas cookers are the cheapest (provided you already have access to gas), the average price is around £350 & cost on average £14 a year to run. Electric cookers have higher running costs.

As you go up the price spectrum, you are likely to get more features, such as:

  • catalytic self-clean liners – so grease doesn’t stick to it as easily making the cooker easier to clean
  • programmable timers – which alerts you when the cooking is done so you don’t have to worry about forgetting and accidentally burning the pasta bake
  • more spacious ovens – useful for family meals
  • separate grill – useful when you’re trying to cook multiple dishes at the same time
  • more stylish designs – who doesn’t want a home that reflects them?


Gas or Electric Cooker?

Unless you have a strong preference for gas or electric, it makes sense to stick with the fuel type you already have the wiring or supply for in your kitchen.

Gas is cheaper to cook with, but cooking costs have a relatively small impact on most people’s household energy bills.

There are a couple of different combinations of fuel type and technology.

You can have:

  • all-gas,
  • or dual-fuel cooker (electric oven and gas hob ).
  • With electric models your main choice is what kind of hob you get.



Electric cookers

These have an electric oven and hob.

  • Most have fan or fan-assisted ovens,
  • which should help to spread heat more evenly around the oven cavity.
  • If your cooker has an oven fan, it will cook food more quicklyso you can reduce cooking temperatures and times.
  • There are occasions when conventional heat – top and bottom heat without a fan – is an advantage, and
  • if you get a cooker with a double oven, you’ll usually get one conventional oven and one with a fan.


Gas cookers

  • All-gas cookers are the cheapest to cook with,
  • gas hobs are usually easier to control than standard electric hobs,
  • providing instant heat when you need it.


  • oven cooking results can be a bit less uniform than in an electric model.

Hope this helps with choosing your cooker!

Our suppliers at Whirlpool deliver your cooker to your kitchen, for free, within 3 days to all of the UK. They’ll take away your old one as well! And you can select installation at check out if you need it.

You can then choose to pay for it with Fair for You, in weekly, monthly or fortnightly instalments that suit you at



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