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Hotpoint Fridge Freezers on Finance

Fair for You’s suppliers at Whirlpool offer Hotpoint & Indesit kitchen appliances, including Hotpoint Fridge Freezers on finance that keep food fresher for longer.

Day 1 Technology

Hotpoint Fridge Freezers have Day 1 Technology that mimics the way nature produces fresh air, deterring bacteria and keeping the internal temperature cool even after the door’s been opened, so that food is kept fresher for longer, minimising food waste.


Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen technology releases oxygen molecules into the fridge, which removes bad smells, such as strong cheeses, and oxidises bacteria so that it’s harder to grow. The Active Oxygen molecule is the same type of oxygen that is present in nature and released into the atmosphere during a thunderstorm. This incredible molecule is recreated inside the fridge freezer.


Multi-Use Drawer

You can choose the way you want to use the space inside your fridge. Placed above the crisper the temperature is set to nearly 0°C, perfect for storing delicate foods such as meat or fish, or place in the middle shelf space where the 5°C temperature and higher humidity is perfect for storing fruit and veg.


Energy Saving

Fridge Freezers are switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s a lot of energy being used up on one essential kitchen item, so it’s well worth looking into how to save money on it by finding the models that are most energy efficient.

According to The Energy Saving Trust, choosing an A+++ fridge freezer over an A+ unit will save you about £190 in energy bills over the lifetime of the product (on average, replacement is after 12.5 years for a fridge).

A smaller A-rated fridge could use less energy than a larger A+ rated fridge, too.

If you’re curious how much energy your fridge is using, here’s a handy tip: you can compare the total energy consumption of appliances by looking for their yearly energy consumption in kWh / annum displayed on the bottom right of the energy label.

Fair for You offer energy saving items because we understand the savings that can be made in the long run, and our customers asked for that quality.

You can find more information about Hotpoint Fridge Freezers here

Go shopping for Hotpoint & Indesit Fridge Freezers at & shop ‘Appliances’


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