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Fair for You saves customers over £0.5m during first six months’ trading


  • New, ethical loan business saves its customers over £0.5m in first six months’ trading
  • Savings equate to more than £750 per family
  • Independent feedback of 9.6/10 shows the start-up is delivering for customers
  • First lender to be awarded, ‘Buy with Confidence’ Trading Standards accreditation


Fair for You received its full authorisation from the FCA on 27 November 2015, and in its first six months of trading has already saved its customers £518,000 when compared to similar items offered by high cost rent-to-own (RTO) lenders.

Fair for You Enterprise CIC is a social lender (owned by a charity of the same name), and offers transparent and affordable credit to households without access to mainstream finance, enabling them to shop for brand new essentials like fridges, washing machines, cots and baby paraphernalia at regular high street prices on its ‘digital high street’.

June saw Fair for You became the first recognised national lender to receive Trading Standards approval under its, ‘Buy with Confidence’ accreditation.

Angela Clements, CEO and Founder of Fair for You, said “It’s wonderful to see the impact on our customers and their whole household, and it is a credit to all of those who supported us throughout the past 2 years of research and development. It’s been a lot of work from many people, but it is worth it when we hear from our customers how transformational it is to have affordable, flexible credit that meets their modern borrowing needs.”

“It’s more than just offering a cheaper alternative to weekly payment stores and other high cost credit. Our lending is about providing dignity, choice and value to many people who are often unable to access mainstream finance when they need essential items for their home and family.

Yvonne Fovargue, (Lab) MP for Makerfield, and Chair of the APPG on Debt and Personal Finance said: “Fair for You offers everything that the Rent to Own stores offer but a price that people can actually afford and with better customer service. What is more, every pound saved by a customer is a pound that will go back into the local economy and will help local people even more”.

Damon Gibbons, Director, Centre for Responsible Credit said, “At last, low to middle income households across Britain have a real alternative to the rip off lenders.  We’ve interviewed Fair for You customers and know that the money they are saving by using Fair for You is vital to the health and well-being of themselves and their children. Our message to anyone thinking of borrowing from any high cost lender is simple: You don’t have to do it! Fair for You are there for you instead!”

Commenting on the background to the business, Clements said, “We spent 2 years researching the needs of lower income families, and developed the concept of Fair for You to meet those needs. We are delighted we have secured great partners that understand the importance of free delivery and removal of old items, and the need to deliver on time with low cost, fixed-price installation being optional, and no compulsory insurances or other charges being added. We work with households that become vulnerable when hit with relatively minor emergencies.

“But it’s the level of personal, supportive customer service that makes Fair for You stand out to our customers. Almost all our customers have got caught out by high cost credit, often the Rent to Own or weekly payment stores. Many have lost their items or paid late fees and end up juggling tight family finances to keep repayments going and avoid having the item repossessed.

Clements concludes, “We’ve listened to what people want and have built the service around their feedback. We provide families with choice, flexibility and the service they asked us for. We know people want new, not reconditioned items from reliable brands, so that’s what we offer. We know that taking time off work to wait for deliveries isn’t practical for single mums, so we’ve offered specific delivery slots of 60 minutes, not whole days.

“These savings make a huge difference to each family, sometimes over £1,000 per item over the term of a loan. That’s transformational, as it gives the family the opportunity to set some cash aside for the treats or to start a savings account, and sets households on the path to becoming financially independent and debt-free. It’s a huge privilege to do what we do, and the reviews on Trustpilot are a reflection of the work of the whole team, and we are delighted that our work is recognised and so valuable to our customers.”

About Fair for You

  1. Fair for You Enterprise CIC is a social enterprise which is authorised and regulated by the FCA, and wholly owned by a Registered Charity, Fair for You.
  2. Fair for You is a lender who lends to allow the purchase of goods from approved retailers on its website –
  3. The median income of FFY customers is just £170/week, making them amongst the poorest 25% of the population, and they can ill-afford the high cost charged the high-cost RTO sector.
  4. Fair for You seeks to change the way we lend to lower income households, by allowing them to pay weekly to enable them to purchase household essentials. It arose out of the credit union sector, and offers customers access to brand new household goods, from fridges and washing machines to cots and beds, on affordable, flexible repayments that allow over-payments and occasional breaks.

Media enquiries:

All media enquiries should be directed to Adrian Oldman, Head of Communications on 0121796 6768

Quotes and interviews with Angela Clements and Fair for You customers can be arranged by contacting Adrian Oldman.


13 June 2016 – immediate release


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