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Fair for You Has Been Leading the Fight for Better Credit Reporting for the Past 2 Years

‘Millions could face financial disaster due to hidden credit files errors‘ says The Independent.

As responsible lenders are not allowed to tell anyone if we see defaults or where we see that there is misreported credit. Even though it influences whether we agree the loan or decline it.

We believe that every time you apply for credit, whether you are accepted or declined – that you should be told a summary of what information that decision was based on.

We think that information is important, and if we could provide a summary to our customers, they would be able to sort it out.

At Fair for You, we manually review a lot of credit files because of concerns around misreporting.

Other lenders make automated decisions and so for them it’s even more critical that this information is correct.

The issue of misreporting makes it harder for the people who most need credit to find affordable credit when faced with an emergency such as a broken washing machine. This situation alone means more people face a poverty premium.


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