COVID-19 Help

If you have suffered a loss of income due to Covid-19 we are able to offer reduced payment plans and deferred payments to assist during this period

Please note that interest on your loan will still be charged daily on the account

How to’s

6 Steps To Achieving The Perfect Spring Clean

Spring cleaning is the perfect way to feel great without spending a penny. Nothing is as satisfying as taking your living space from dusty and dirty to sparkling clean, and it needn’t be as difficult as you think. Often making a start is the hardest bit, so having some steps in place to achieve the […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating

  Having a good credit score can be really important in adult life as they assist you in getting loans. Loans are really important to most big purchases in life – be it a house, a car or a mobile phone, so it’s crucial that you understand your credit rating. But what can you do […]

Credit for Modern Britain

Written by CEO & Founder Angela Clements Like so many, I won’t be weeping for Wonga or any of the other brands that will struggle to convince good customers to return to them next time they need credit. You can fool some of the people some of the time …. but in the end if […]

Why Was I Declined for a Loan?

We get a lot of questions about eligibility, and why we accept some loan applications but can’t accept others. Here is some information we think might be useful. What you need to know before you apply for another item with Fair for You: You need to have paid 1/3 of all active loans before you’re […]

Feel Trapped with your Credit File?

At Fair for You, we think being a personal lender is important  – we need to treat customers fairly, we need to understand and respect how our customer need to borrow, and how income can fluctuate and so customers need flexibility and tolerance with their repayments, not added fees or turning up at your door. […]

Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating

We see lots of people who think that they have no other option but high cost credit simply because their credit rating and credit score are low. In many cases, these people have demonstrated that they are capable of paying off debts and are already doing so. At Fair for You we try to lend […]