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A Bed for Every Child with Fair for You

Some of the best feedback we get is from mums who have bought their child a bed using an affordable loan from Fair for You.

It’s lovely to hear some of the benefits from our customers:

That their little boy or girl feels all grown up, and proud of their room and bed, so it’s easier to get them to bed at night.

It means they want to invite friends round after school, and have been tidying away their things to keep their bedroom nice.

We’ve had mums tell us that their child can finally sleep in a comfortable bed, so their school attendance improves as it’s no longer hard work to get them up in the morning.

Which is why we’re told that being able to pay in weekly instalments for a children’s bed is so important.

One customer have to have mattresses replaced for the health of her children, who were getting chest infections from the mattress they couldn’t get replaced:
“I was even recommended steroids” says Mercy, “that’s when I decided I need a new bunk bed and mattresses. I didn’t have any money to buy a new bunk bed, then I came across Fair for You. The bunk bed arrived within a few days and my children sleep better, I am at peace knowing there is no mould affecting them and my son’s health has improved tremendously.”
There is a lot of evidence that there are almost 500,000 children who don’t have a bed to sleep in, and there are many more that don’t have a decent bed of their own. It affects how well they sleep, their behaviour, their education, their physical health and their social skills. Affordable children’s beds on weekly payment are a big part of why we set up Fair for You, and we are pleased they are one of our biggest selling lines.

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