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BBC Breakfast Interviews Michael Sheen on High Cost Credit Alternatives

3 minutes in to this interview with Michael Sheen on BBC Breakfast 31 May 2018, he expresses his support for alternatives to high cost credit:

“The problem with these companies is they are very small and people don’t know about them…they don’t have the marketing budget of big companies that people do hear about.

We’ve got to give those companies the support they need to bring them up to scale to compete against big companies.

There are companies out there that are alternatives to the likes of Brighthouse like Fair for You, which is just online […] These companies are better, but we have to be better at sign posting and pointing people towards them.

The FCA is looking to bring a cap in to rent to own in April 2019, so we have to make sure those alternatives are there so that cap can do it’s work, as people move away from those high cost credit companies there is something there to provide that service to them, because obviously the demand is there and the supply has to be met.”



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