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Is There An Alternative to High Cost Credit in Plymouth?


The fridge is on its last legs. You have babies milk to cool and lunchboxes to store, so you don’t have time to save the money for a new one. You’ve a big family, and you need a new one, and quickly. Where do you go?

Tracey, living in Plymouth with her partner and five children says that “There’s only the weekly payment store in the town centre. I have used them before and the interest rate is ridiculous. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, you’ve got to do it, no matter what you’re paying.”

Credit can be hard to get, too. Even with a car on finance and credit card, Tracey says “The high street electrical shops still won’t touch me…to get credit from shops is really hard. So when you need something very quick and you haven’t got the £300, £400 in hand, it’s got to be the weekly payment stores, hasn’t it?”

Armed Forces Weekend in Plymouth 25th-26th June raises awareness and support for the contributions the Armed Forces make to our country, so we contacted Joe, a young man who has two home addresses due to a serviceman.

“Quite a lot of places don’t offer credit to those in the military…I think it’s more of a security reason more than anything.”

So what is the alternative to high cost credit for Tracey and Joe?

“Fair for You is brilliant,” says Tracey. “I’d say definitely give Fair for You a try because the interest rates are hugely better and you can have the item over any amount of time to suit you, not that suits them. I had a fridge freezer from them, and the interest is less than half with what I pay with the main weekly payment store.”

Fair for You gave Joe a call to sort out the issues with this home address, and he said “As soon as we got that sorted it was pretty sound, I was happy.”

Joe & Tracey’s family aren’t the only ones happy with Fair for You.

98% of 265 customer surveys rate them “excellent” & “very good”, 99% have given them 4-5* reviews, saying “service is second to none”. is a new, ethical loan business that has saved its customers over £0.5m in first six months’ trading, with savings equating to more than £750 per family. That’s money staying in our homes and in our communities.

Damon Gibbons, Director, Centre for Responsible Credit said, “At last, households across Britain have a real alternative to the rip off lenders. “

Fair for You offers affordable, flexible credit to those of us without access to mainstream finance, enabling you to shop for brand new essentials for your kitchen, bedroom, living room and baby at regular high street prices on its ‘digital high street’.

They offer free delivery, usually within 72 hours, flexible repayment terms and fair prices.

Shop with them at



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