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What Affects Your Credit Rating?

Knowing what affects your credit score can help you decide how you can improve it, so here we’ve listed 4 things that can make an impact on your credit score.

#1 Not being on the electoral register.
This counts as a credit record and improves your rating if you are on the voters role.


#2 Old credit that is outstanding
We often see small, old outstanding debts that you may not even know about because the credit company doesn’t chase it up if it’s a small amount (because it’s not worth it for them).

You can often just ask them to remove it to clear up your records.


#3 Applying for credit shows on your Credit Report
So if you just want to compare rates, ask the lender to register a ‘quotation search’ on your credit report instead of a ‘credit application search’. This doesn’t have a negative impact on your credit rating in the future.


#4 Mistakes on your Credit Report
Credit companies like us have a duty to report your credit and your repayments accurately.

However, we see a lot of credit that is incorrectly reported – and we would always suggest you check your credit report regularly and make sure you don’t have errors that pull down your credit score.

You can do this with Noddle free of charge, and if you see anything that is not right you can ask to have this investigated and corrected at



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