Our Mission

In the UK it’s getting harder and harder to support our families, and it’ssassy lady fair for you not easy to get affordable credit. People are turning to high cost lenders as their only choice.

At Fair for You, we want to be there for you when you need us.

That’s why we all share strong values and mission statements.


1. To challenge high cost lending

Fair for You will urge companies to change the way they lend to be ethical and fair. To do this, we don’t need to be the biggest loans company in the UK – we need to be the best.

And that’s what we aim to be. Fair for You is driven by a team that believes we can lend better into family households. The more people who turn to us, the more other companies will choose to do things the way we do things.

You have the power now. You have a choice.


2. To give you control

We chose the Fair for You colours as green and purple as they are the colours of the suffragette movement that empowered women to take the right to vote. Today, Fair for You is part of the movement to give you the right to choose.

You have control over the loan. You also have control over the way we do things, just let us know what you want to see.


3. To be fair

Pretty obvious really, it’s in our name! We will not apply any hidden fees to our services and we will be honest and respectful to you every step of the way.

To us, fairness means giving you choice, giving you great value and working together to give great service by being open, flexible and responsive.

If you share our values, WE NEED YOU!!!fair for you mother afro daughter

Tell us what you think and tell your friends on facebook & twitter that there’s an alternative to high cost credit providers.

Go shopping now, and see for yourself.