How we are run

No feesno deposit, quality, branded products at great pricesfree delivery & removal of old item, flexible repayment plans…

Let’s explain how we can do what we do.

Fair for You is a not-for-profit organisation, however, we do have to pay our staff a living wage.

We are sustainable in two ways.

1. Commission
We get paid commission from our manufacturers. So for every item you buy from our online shopping site, they pay us for bringing a customer to their shop. This is used towards keeping our costs low, so that you can pay less!

2. Interest
We charge 3.75% a month of interest representative 55.6% APR on the products that you buy from us. We keep our interest rates low and fair, and you can pay off loans early to reduce the interest you have to pay.

Fair for You Enterprise is a Community Interest Company (a not-for-profit organisation with Community benefit at its heart) wholly owned by a charity, Fair for You Ltd. 

The charity has a single objective: to introduce better lending solutions that are fair to families.

Fair for You Enterprise Community Interest Company – we know this is a bit of a mouthful, so call us by our trading name: Fair for You (or sometimes Fair for You CIC).

Follow this link for more information on Community Interest Companies.

And now that you know we’re the real deal, start shopping now.