Driven by You

You may have noticed that we do things a little differently around here compared to other pay weekly stores.

That’s because we went the extra mile and  asked you what you wanted.

Then we went even further – we actually listened!

fair for you welcome

There needs to be someone there to help, there’s got to be, there needs to be, because there isn’t at the moment a nice company.” – Focus group, 2015

fair for you mother and baby

“I have used *other lender* in the past when my credit was really bad but I was lucky enough to rebuild it slightly so now I do go to credit cards, but it’s still limited because of my credit history” – Northfield focus group, 2015

“I had a payday loan when I was younger… one day I missed a payment and they took £300 out of my bank and I had no money, and no money to pay my rent.” – Parent from focus group, 2015

“I didn’t realise how much I used my washing machine until it was broken…so I was doing washing at my sisters, my aunts, then giving them £5 electric, couldn’t use the tumble dryers so had to lug the wet washing around, you don’t realise…but they pit up the prices because they know people will pay it because it is an essential.” – Focus group, 2014

What you are saying about us…

“It’s good because it’s in your hands… You have the control… It’s all about the person, going through them, and that makes it good for people who are struggling” – Northfield focus group, 2015

“More supportive of their customers rather than just a business point” – Parent from focus group

“This is a better option, safer, more responsible, there is still an APR there but is a responsible way of doing it and trying to save something alongside…this is a great way to get some main, basic items for your house, …it’s a way out without using these lenders who I think need shutting down” – Parent from Northfield focus group